Epic Media Fail: Only 1% of Americans Watch ‘Daily Show’ Finale


No matter how hard America’s corrupt, useless mainstream media tried, they could only ever play make-believe when it came to the pathetic claim that their fellow Obama Puppet Jon Stewart was some kind of superstar phenom.

After months of more free media publicity than any finale has ever received in the history of finales, serial liar Stewart’s Daily Show farewell  managed to grab only 3.5 million viewers, which is about 1% of the American population.

“But-but-but-but,” Stewart defenders will sputter, “A lot of young people watch Stewart online!”

Oh, okay, 1.357888% of the American population.


For perspective:

…Stewart’s farewell didn’t even beat his own record, which was achieved when Stewart’s handler, Barack Obama, appeared on the show six days before being elected president in 2008.

…Stewart’s farewell earned about 1/8th the viewers garnered by Thursday night’s GOP debate.

…Stewart’s farewell garnered half the viewers a rerun of a 60 year-old movie grabbed in April.

…The week prior to his farewell, Stewart was earning only a little over 1 million total viewers.

…During this same week Stewart’s bête noir Fox News cleaned his clock in total viewers.

And that was The Great Failure of Jon Stewart. There is no question he set out to do to Fox News what he did to CNN’s Crossfire — murder it — and the result was only pathetically low ratings for Stewart and more than a decade of ratings dominance for Fox News.

Stewart’s popularity was always a mirage, a con, a magic trick performed for years by his trained seals in the elite media. Strictly for political purposes, the media artificially blew up a guy who had fewer viewers than Cartoon Swim and something called “Platetopper.”

The media blew Stewart up — not because he was funny or the voice of anyone but one-half of one-percent of the country — but because Stewart was their Id, a Red State hating, Fox News-bashing, Top 1% left-wing, elitem New York socialist who did what he was told by the White House.

Stewart’s Daily Show set is headed to the Newseum — which is where it belongs, along with all the artifacts of liars and bigots and con artists who serve only the single cause of expanding the power and scope of the federal government.


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