Revealed: How To Destroy CNN & MSNBC With Just One Phone Call


Are you tired of the left-wing sludge Hollywood, CNN, and MSNBC pour into your country, your lives, and your homes?

Do you want to do your bit for God and country to cripple Hollywood and completely destroy CNN and MSNBC?

Well, I have good news. You can do it with one simple phone call and in just 3 easy steps…

  1. Pick up the phone.
  2. Call your cable or satellite company.
  3. Cancel your pay television service.

Yes, it is that simple.

And more importantly, that simple act is incredibly effective.

Although somewhere close to 100 million homes are allowing themselves to be bilked  by Hollywood, CNN and MSNBC through obnoxiously-priced cable television packages, when it was discovered that fewer than 1% of those customers cut the cord and cancelled their pay TV packages last quarter…

Hollywood lost $60 BILLION.

You read that correctly: Sixty. Billion. With. A. “B.”

Hollywood, CNN and MSNBC are already wobbled.

We now need to go in for the knockout.

The average pay TV customer (or sucker, me included, but only for work purposes) watches 17 channels and pays for 194 channels.

But you are not just paying for the service. Left-wing networks like CNN and MSNBC, networks devoted to destroying everything you hold dear, actually make money off of you. They get a piece of your cable bill through what is known as a carriage fee.

If CNN and/or MSNBC are on your cable package, you are subsidizing them whether or not you watch.

Trying to kill CNN and MSNBC by not watching CNN and MSNBC has been tried. Because of the swindle that is pay TV, viewership numbers mean almost nothing. Most of CNN’s revenue, and we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars annually, comes from YOU through your cable bill, not through merit-based advertising revenue.

The only way to kill CNN and MSNBC is to cut off that supply of money. Therefore, the only way to kill CNN and MSNBC is to cancel your cable or satellite, to join the world of cord-cutters.

Don’t worry about Fox News. Like just a dozen or so of those 194 cable networks. Fox News actually has enough viewers to survive on ad revenue.

Now imagine a world where CNN and MSNBC are faced with the choice of extinction or being more like Fox News.

See how this works?

As far as Hollywood, the 7 or 8 left-wing multinationals that are Hollywood will no longer make tens of billions of dollars annually from their dozens of cable networks that practically no one watches. This will brutalize their bottom lines and force them to produce content people actually want to watch, not all this left-wing crap meant to poison your children’s mind.

For less than $20 a month, Amazon and Netflix will give you all the streaming television you could ever want to watch. Bonus: Unlike cable, there are also no commercials. Imagine watching an hour of television without 20 minutes of commercials.


Imagine CNN and MSNBC dying the slow agonizing death both villains deserve.


You can if you try.

And you can make it a reality with just one phone call.


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