Report: Hillary Clinton ‘Negotiated Limits’ With NBC News to Avoid ‘Vicious Humor’ on ‘SNL’


Let me connect the pro-Hillary dots for you at NBC News… This is not rocket science. In fact, the effort NBC News is pouring into rehabilitating Hillary Clinton is now so painfully blatant that even left-wing CNN is calling out the Peacock Network. And NBC News is so desperate to keep a Republican out of the White House that “Saturday Night Live” has openly joined the pro-Hillary propaganda team.

  1. NBC News partners with and funnels $400 million to left-wing BuzzFeed.
  2. NBC News partners with and funnels $200 million to the even more left-wing Vox.
  3. NBC News partners with TargetSmart, a political data firm founded by Democrats and used by the Democrat National Committee.
  4. NBC News hired Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea for six months and paid her $600,000 to essentially do nothing.
  5. Over the weekend, “Saturday Night Live” blasts the Republican presidential field but creates an affectionate skit to rehabilitate Hillary’s cold, robotic image; a skit that doesn’t touch on her email scandals, completely avoids the Clinton Foundation scandals, and allows her to mock GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

When left-wing CNN smells a pro-Hillary rat at “Saturday Night Live,” that’s a pretty big rat:

One suspects that Clinton’s team negotiated limits to how vicious the humor could get, mindful of the night in October 2008 when, during the closing weeks of the presidential campaign, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin[.] …

So it was smart of the seasoned campaign operatives on Clinton’s team to avoid letting their candidate be displayed as a fool. …

Beyond the actual appearance, in fact, it’s safe to assume the Clinton campaign directly or indirectly negotiated her appearance as part of a de facto package deal with NBC to showcase the candidate.

And the “Today Show” showcased Hillary by having her flip pancakes:

Naturally, “Saturday Night Live” is willing to sell out to Power in order to aid and abet that Power and to accommodate the same NBC News that admitted just last month that Andrea Mitchell purposely pulled back from asking Hillary tough question about her email scandal. Democrats sure got it good…

…oh, yes, Democrats got it good. That includes the media not treating Bernie Sanders seriously. The reason Sanders has not received anywhere near the media scrutiny second and third-place Republicans’ Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina have is because Sanders is a loon. If the media focuses on Sanders it exposes the Democrats as the extremists they really are.  That is not a story the media wants to tell.


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