Carl Bernstein to Mainstream Media: We Must ‘Start Paying Attention to Right-Wing Media’ 


After blasting CNBC’s “disgraceful” GOP debate that he said was filled with nothing but “gotcha” questions, veteran establishment journalist Carl Bernstein said mainstream media journalists must pay more attention to “right-wing” media outlets.

On a Wednesday evening CNN appearance, Bernstein said “we need to in the mainstream media… start paying attention to the right-wing media.”

“I read it. I think we need to know what’s going on out there. It’s not for nothing. There’s a Republican Congress and there may be a Republican president,” he said. “And we’re not paying enough attention.”

Bernstein, perhaps acknowledging that many Americans loathe the mainstream media elite, also said that “this was a powerful night” for Republicans because GOP candidates “went against the media as its target.” He said “what we saw tonight was the real Republican Party and it’s big a threat to the Democrats… and it has huge appeal.”

Bernstein also said that the “contempt for government” Republicans had “was really extraordinary” and “Democrats are going to have to show that government has a reason to exist.”

During this election cycle, mainstream media members who only read mainstream outlets and talk only to fellow mainstream media members in the D.C.-New York bubble have been befuddled that Donald Trump, especially with his stances against illegal immigration, and Ben Carson have been resonating with conservatives and blue-collar Americans living in places the mainstream media just considers to be flyover country.