Daily News Lets White Guy Write Word ‘N*gger’ 10 Times


The Leftwing media’s favorite phony black guy, the whiter-than-Mia Farrow Shaun King, wrote a lengthy oh-woe-is-me column for the Daily News Tuesday that contains ten uses of the racial slur “n*gger.”

What does all this prove?

It proves that the media is so committed to pulling off this race-hoax that they are violating their own editorial standards to allow a white guy to hurl the word “n*gger” with impunity. According to their own editorial standards, even black people aren’t allowed to use the word “n*gger.” We know this because King’s crybaby column opens with this:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our policy at the Daily News is to censor most racial pejoratives. We have made an exception in the following column because of the personal and historic context of the subject matter.

So if I understand this correctly, The New York Daily News doesn’t allow white people to use the word “n*gger,” doesn’t allow black people to use the word “n*gger,” but does allow white people posing as black people to use the word “n*gger.”

The whole world upside down.

Shaun King is white. Only science-deniers choose to disagree. But King is also a leading face behind the left-wing, anti-police hate group Black Lives Matter, which is vital to electing Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Therefore, the corrupt media is denying science to protect Shaun King (who refuses to take a DNA test).

Therefore, a white guy is allowed to hurl the word “n*gger” ten times.

Next thing you know, the government will allow boys posing as girls to use girls’ bathrooms and  locker roo– oh, wait.


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