Anti-Science ‘New York Times’ Uses Gender-Neutral ‘Mx.’

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The following appeared in a New York Times story over the weekend: “Mx. Hardwick, 27, who prefers not to be assigned a gender — and also insists on the gender-neutral Mx. in place of Ms. or Mr. — is a staff member at Bluestockings.”

How stupid.

You are either a man or a woman. You can “identify” however you like. It’s a free country. If you want to “identify” as a lump of blue cheese from the planet Krypton, knock yourself out. The idea, though, that a newspaper like The New York Times, an outlet that “identifies” as respectable, will play along with this nonsense is something entirely different.

The media is supposed to be fact-based. Reporting is supposed to be fact-based.  If I told a New York Times reporter that I “identified” as a Sesame Street Muppet named Hildegard, the reporter would not kow-tow and patronize to me and take me seriously. Truth matters.

Other than in the head, this Hardwick person is not “gender-neutral.” He is either a he, or she is either a she.

The road to fascism is paved with sensitivity. We don’t alter objective truth to spare the feelings of others. And if we are willing to alter it for gender, what is stopping people from identifying themselves however they like? Why can’t I identify as black or as an illegal alien or as gay or as a lovable Tribble named Witherspoon?

As an example: I don’t care if Bruce Jenner wants to dress like a woman and call himself a woman. I really don’t. Live and let live. But in this increasingly fascist day and age, I am the one who is not allowed to live and let live. I am not allowed to point to Bruce Jenner and say, “That’s a guy in a dress!” without being attacked as a bigot and homophobe — even though I really am pointing to a guy in a dress.

And now, no less than The New York Times is pushing anti-science lies that someone is gender-neutral, which in turn denies readers the truth of this person’s gender, and by extension, demands that I play along with the delusion.

And there’s a good chance that it is a delusion.

Patronizing the mentally ill is not a virtue.


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