Black Lives Matter: How Long Will the Media Promote this Pathetic Grievance Group?

Chicago Funeral APChristian K. Lee
AP/Christian K. Lee

While Black Lives Matter members were shooting each other down on Twitter, black people were shooting each other to death in cities across the country.

Our year-long horror show of black-on-black maimings marched on and clocked in another bloody weekend without wall-to-wall attention from the forth estate. “2 Killed, 30 Wounded In Weekend Shootings Across Chicago,” read one jarring headline.

Yet, most media eyes were fixed on the latest Black Lives Matter meltdown.

BLM is a morally corrupt clique of self-loathing black victims and privileged white malcontents. So it’s cosmic justice that it’s black leaders, Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie, have been forced to face the fact that they have been duped by Shaun King, a white man in black face profiting from black victimhood.

Who didn’t see this coming?

A bunch of feckless, feeble-minded 20-somethings enabled by a ratings-starved media combine forces favoring the few “Cop Kills Black Person” headlines over the many Chicago’s Weekend Toll: 2 Dead, 27 Wounded, Including 5-Year-Old Boy.

But will Shaun King’s dismissal from Black Lives Matter marshal an end to the unholy alliance between that corrupt faux civil rights group and America’s blood-lusting press?


There is no statical reason to believe that there are more black people being killed by police than in recent years. Yet, 2015 is shaping up to be one of the deadliest years for black people being killed by other black people in a number of American cities.

The former fact is ignored by the media and BLM with the same frequency as the latter.

This is because Black Lives Matter and America’s mainstream media are one in the same. Both entities are bound by a progressive ideology that views white-on-black racism as a far greater oppressor to black people, even though the epidemic of black-on-black violence causes much more misery.

Moreover, why would the media cut ties with Black Lives Matter? America’s first black president remains mute, even as black killers in Chicago and Baltimore and Philadelphia, among other cities, kill innocent black people with terrifying consistency.

Why would prominent figures in the media or a group claiming to speak for black victims of violence be moved to speak out against the driving force behind black violence when the first black president refuses to do so?

Perhaps a better question needs answering: How many innocent black people have to die before the media dumps Black Lives Matter and turns it’s attention to black-on-black crime?


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