CNN Asked Twitter to Vote for Kathy Griffin with Her Shirt On or Off


CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360° sent out at least two tweets Thursday night asking followers to vote on whether New Year’s Eve co-host Kathy Griffin is “hotter with or without her shirt on?”

Comedian Griffin co-hosted the New Year’s Eve festivities with CNN’s Anderson Cooper for the 9th year in a row last night. As always, Griffin spent most of her time trying to make Cooper blush or at least giggle. This year, that included taking of her shirt.

The broadcast began with Griffin and Cooper in bed together. Griffin asked Cooper, “How far has your sexual relationship with Caitlyn Jenner gone?”

Later in the broadcast, Griffin gave Cooper an on-air spray tan:

Anderson Cooper wasn’t the only CNN host misbehaving Thursday night. CNN’s Don Lemon asked his nearly 300,000 followers if he should get in a hot tub with fellow host Brooke Baldwin:

Lemon did eventually get in the hot tub, though it seems he only put his feet in. As for Griffin and Cooper, they celebrated the arrival of 2016 with a kiss.


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