Concha: Gabe Sherman “Unhinged” in Pursuit of Murdoch/Fox/Ailes

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This article first appeared in Mediaite.

The sustained credibility afforded to New York Magazine‘s Gabriel Sherman is one of the industry’s great mysteries. Not since Eddie Mush in A Bronx Tale has one person been so consistently wrong so often. But because some believe what they want to believe, especially when it comes to Fox News, Sherman’s exclusive reporting, courtesy of a cadre of invisible friends inside the walls of News Corporation, somehow continues to carry weight in media circles.

The question is… how?

The latest example of Sherman morphing into the Jackie Collins of journalism comes courtesy of Fortune Magazine, a highly-respected publication founded way back in 1929. In a world of fast-food content and unsourced fiction posing as hard-hitting journalism, Fortunedistinguishes itself courtesy of deep-dive articles which are meticulously-sourced and researched.

So let’s review: On January 13th, Sherman reports that (headline) With Roger Ailes Absent, Fox News Is Drifting — There Isn’t Even a ‘Trump Strategy’. In this New York Magazine “exclusive”, Sherman – through four (unnamed) “high-placed” sources, paints a picture of an absent Ailes, Rupert Murdoch taking over running day-to-day editorial at FNC as a result, and a “fierce” Game of Thrones rivalry between the network’s EVP of news, Michael Clemente, and Senior Executive VP of Programming for FOX News and Fox Business, Bill Shine –- Sherman claims they rarely speak to each other — to take Ailes’ place after his departure. The only thing missing from this portrayal is an internal fight in a back alleyway on 48th Street complete with Brick Tamland, horses, grenades, and a trident.

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