Donald Trump: New York Times Is ‘Owned By Mexico’

The Associated Press

Just hours before his smashing caucus victory in Nevada Tuesday night, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump held a campaign event where he took the opportunity to blister the left-wing New York Times. First he laughed at the Times’ awful business skills, then he reminded supporters that the wealthiest man in Mexico, Carlos Slim Helú, is the Times’ largest single investor:

They buy a building, and they have a building in New York. They sell it for $125 million, or so. Right? Couple of years – few years later, guy sells it for $525 million. They buy The Boston Globe for $1.3 billion. They sell it for $1. And then they write an editorial where they tell you how to run your life. Give me a break. …

I know why I get bad treatment in The New York Times — because it’s owned by Mexico. I don’t know if you know, a rich guy in Mexico actually has power at The New York Times. I wonder why they don’t like us, you know? I just wonder.

The Mexican billionaire has pretty much bailed the Times out on more than one occasion,  and currently owns 17% of the company. The Times claims that Helú is merely a stakeholder and has no say on the board or in editorial decisions. Newsmax has more.



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