***Horse Race LiveWire*** Trump: ‘We’re Going to Take Our Country Back from Those People’

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Welcome to Breitbart News’s daily live updates of the 2016 horse race.

1o:10: No Surprise: Rubio’s base inside the beltway turns out for him on Saturday for D.C.’s GOP caucus:

  1. Rubio: 37.3%
  2. Kasich: 35.5%
  3. Trump: 13.8%
  4. Cruz: 12.4%

And three votes for Dr. Ben Carson

10:05: Final Wyoming results: Cruz wins most delegates on Saturday at county conventions. But AP not declaring a winner because “another 14 of the state’s delegates will be awarded at the party’s state convention on April 16.”

  1. Cruz (644 votes): 66.3%, 9 delegates
  2. Rubio (189 votes): 19.5%, 1 delegate
  3. Trump (70 votes): 7.2%, 1 delegate
  4. Kasich (0 votes):0%, 0 delegates
  5. Uncommitted (68 votes): 7%, 1 delegate

9:00: Video of protesters inside Trump’s Kansas City rally:

8:49: Protesters who didn’t get kicked out:

8:38: Police reportedly use pepper spray outside of Trump’s rally:

8:31: “Arrest her,” Trump says of another protester. He says it has gotten relatively quiet since he threatened protesters with arrest.

8:27: Trump now talks about trade. He says he doesn’t mind free trade but he believes in smart trade where we come out on top.

8:25: Trump reading the lyrics to Al Wilson’s “The Snake.”

8:23: When someone yells something at Trump’s rally, Trump asks “are you with us or against us?” Trump says sometimes people shout things at his rallies and get mistaken for protesters. Trump concludes he must be with us.  Trump says he is going to start pressing charges against “all these people. And then we won’t have a problem.”

8:15: Trump tells the audience that the Dayton man who tried to rush the stage was “probably ISIS or ISIS related.” Trump says certainly “he’s not in love with our country. That I can tell you, folks.”

8:07: Trump says Obama is “incompetent” and “doesn’t know what the hell he’s doing” and doesn’t react well “under pressure.”

8:05: Trump asks “what do they do to these people? Do they arrest them?” Trump says protesters should be arrested because they are “violating all of us.” Trump says his supporters don’t invade rallies of liberal politicians. He says the protesters who are “very violent” deserve to be arrested and he’ll file whatever charges you want. Trump says “if they want to do this,” let “them have a big arrest mark” so their lives could be ruined. He says “we’re not going to have any more protesters” once that starts happening.

8:03: Anti-Trump protesters:

7:59: Trump says millions of people are going to polls because they are inspired by his message. He calls Sanders’s supporters a “little group that wants a free lunch.” He says Hillary has “zero inspiration.” He blasts “stiffs like Mitt Romney” who failed “so damn badly” to defeat Obama.

7:57: Trump tells the police to “try not to hurt the person.” Trump says he is a “non-violent person.” He points out all of the abuse the police are taking. Trump says we have to go back 15-20 years because what we are doing in this country is not working. He blasts the “organized nonsense.”

7:55: Trump says the protesters should be referred to as “disrupters.”

7:50: Trump: “We’re going to take our country back from those people,” Trump says. “These are bad, bad people.”

Trump says they are protesting because there has never been anything like his movement.

7:47: Trump makes a great point. If Trump supporters waving Trump signs disrupted Clinton/Sanders rallies, they would be all over the front page. Trump blasts the “dishonest” press. Trump asks, “anybody in a rush?” Crowd answers, “NO!”

7:42: Crowd boos the protesters as Trump says “get ’em out.” Trump says his people are great. “It’s these people that are the problem.” He says they must be “Bernie supporters” and he says “we love our police. They do such a great job.” Trump says the protesters are “so bad for our country… so, so bad.” Trump asks protesters with “Bernie” signs if they were “put in here by Bernie.” Trump supporters chanting “U-S-A!, U-S-A!” Trump says he wants to run against “our Communist friend” Bernie.

7:40: Trump says his rallies have a lot more energy because he doesn’t use TelePrompTers. He says you can talk about things that happened 25 minutes ago. He says he’ll give prepared speeches some day but he likes his current style better.

7:39: Trump says he is self-funding his campaign and unlike other candidates, his bosses will be the voters.

7:36: Trump praises his record-setting crowds. He wants to thank everybody and says it has been an “interesting couple of days.”

7:35: Trump about to appear at Kansas City rally:

7:32: Update on Cruz’s plane:

7:02: Trump up big in another Florida poll:

6:55: Protesters outside of Trump’s rally:

6:50: Trump rally in Kansas City opens with “prayer for tolerance” as security officials flank the stage:

6:45: Trump accuses “maniac” who tried to rush the stage at his Dayton rally of having ties to ISIS:

6:18: Kansas City mayor urges calm ahead of Trump’s rally:

6:15: Cruz being lawyerly, sounding like Clinton by saying he is “effectively tied” with Trump in Missouri:

6:13: Anti-Trump protesters:

6:00: Trump protester arrested in Kansas City ahead of Trump’s Saturday evening rally:

5:50: Trump attacking Kasich on his support for Common Core:

5:40: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio calls Trump a “racist.”

5:08: Many Republicans who were on the fence are more supportive of Trump after last night’s chaos in Chicago:

5:05: Mugshot of man who tried to rush the stage at Trump’s rally:



5:02: Where’s the pressure on Sanders from the mainstream media to control his supporters?

3:52: [Tony Lee: Just like Trump turned the phony “war on women” rhetoric on its head when he accused Hillary Clinton of enabling her husband’s abuse in a way that the GOP establishment never did (or never even tried because they lacked the intestinal fortitude and are so afraid of not being liked by their mainstream media/elite “bettors”), he is the only Republican candidate using the organized chaos in Chicago on Friday night to call out Clinton, Sanders, and left-wing activists/agitators who shut down a political rally in a way the truly peaceful Tea Party protesters never did. Republicans could have been unified in pointing out that conservative activists peacefully opposed Obama/Democrats while left-wing agitators who embody the “Salad Bowl” (instead of melting pot) America that so many Americans rightfully fear are engaging in mayhem and violence. They could have been unified in flipping the script. Instead, Messrs. Rubio, Kasich, and Cruz did what every establishment Republican does in times like this–self-loathingly blame your own. You’d expect that from Rubio and Kasich, but Cruz’s response–blaming Trump–showed that inside, he may actually be the political careerist who has many of the same ladder-climbing characteristics of Hillary Clinton.

Trump would not be the best GOP candidate to defeat other Democrats. But he is the perfect candidate to defeat Clinton because he, unlike more conventional Republican candidates whose voices/arguments the mainstream media try to mute, has the megaphone to call her out on issues like Benghazi and her email scandal and go around the mainstream media’s filters to get his criticisms of Clinton directly to the people. The Clinton/mainstream media machine would eat Cruz/Rubio alive. And their reactions to the Chicago chaos reinforced that even more.

Because of Trump, Americans who are watching biased mainstream media reports of the Chicago chaos will at least consider that left-wing agitators may be more to blame than Trump’s supporters who just came to see their candidate give a speech. And by challenging the mainstream media’s preferred narrative of “peaceful” left-wing agitators and “violent” conservative citizens, Trump has done much more good for the right than Kasich, Cruz, Rubio did this weekend.]

3:45: Joy Reid on MSNBC points out that Luther Campbell has said that some black voters in barbershops are saying they may vote for Trump because of his message on jobs. She also says there seems to be a lack of enthusiasm among black voters for Clinton/Sanders.

3:30: Huckabee blasts “thugs” who tried to disrupt Trump’s rally:

3:25: On MSNBC, Kevin Cate tells Joy Reid that some voters may just vote for Jeb Bush to spite Rubio on Tuesday. Seems to be a lot of bad blood still between the two camps.

Give Joy Reid, who knows Florida’s politics well, for asking Cate if the “first paragraph” in Rubio’s political obituary will be about “immigration” and his support of the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill. You rarely hear people on CNN/Fox News pointing to immigration as the primary reason that Rubio’s campaign could not get out of the starting gate. Cate says many voters in Florida think Rubio used the Tea Party to get elected and “immediately abandoned” them once he got to Washington.

3:23: Trump praises “perfectly behaved crowd.”

3:02: Bernie Sanders calls Trump a “pathological liar” and is on the defensive, saying his campaign didn’t organize the anti-Trump protests. But left-wing agitators that have flocked to his campaign did. Would the media be giving Trump a pass if Trump supporters had stormed the stage at a Clinton or Sanders rally and spent weeks organizing to disrupt one of their rallies?

2:41: Trump says “Little Marco” and “Lyin’ Ted” aren’t turning out millions of new voters. He says voters in their eighties are telling him that they are voting for the first time to support his campaign.

2:37: After a “Bernie person” interrupts Trump’s speech, Trump says “get your people in line.” He blasts Clinton for not being able to defeat a “Communist” for her party’s nomination.

2:33: Trump supporters yelling at CNN:

2:29: Trump accuses the Club for Growth of extortion. He says they asked him for a million dollars and went on the attack when he didn’t donate. Trump says he is beholden to nobody. He also blasts Romney as a “little peanut” and says he has a store worth more than Romney.

2:21: Establishment Republican stalwart Rob Portman introducing Kasich at his rally:

2:15: Trump says Kasich has been an absentee governor who voted for NAFTA and was a managing director at Lehman Brothers when it failed.  He also blasts Kasich for his support of TPP. He says Kasich can’t be president because he’s “weak on immigration” and “in favor of amnesty.”

2:05: Trump says the protesters are going to galvanize more Republicans to go to the polls because they will become “more angry.” He says Americans are fed up with the stupidity in Washington, the stupidity of labor deals, the fact that they haven’t had wage increases in 12 years. He says we are losing our jobs and factories and they are going to Mexico, China.  [Finally, Trump is getting better with his stump speech and not talking as much about process. He blasts the GOP “elites” on trade–Trump could point out that what these elites want is a world with no borders to hammer home his campaign themes even more.]

1:55: In Cleveland, Trump asks, “do we love our protesters?… Get ’em out of here. Where do these people come from?” Trump says the protesters come from “Bernie’s crowd.” Trump says they are most likely Bernie’s people because even though some protesters are Clinton supporters, Clinton’s supporters usually lack the “fervor.”

1:54: Trump successfully challenging the mainstream media’s narrative. And he again show why he is the Republican who can best challenge Hillary Clinton:

1:52: Trump accuses Rubio campaign of dirty tricks in Florida:

1:48: According to the Daily Mail, law enforcement officials believed that protesters in Chicago last night had planned to storm the stage while Trump was speaking. There was reportedly “a credible threat against Trump from groups of protesters who planned to storm the stage.”

1:45: Great rapid response work from Sanders campaign:

1:40: Clinton accuses Trump of being a political arsonist:

1:35: Sanders tells Jesse Jackson (!) that what Trump is doing is “dangerous” on so many levels:

1:25: Trump releases statement on postponed Chicago rally:

Commander George Devereux of the CPD was informed of everything before it happened. Likewise, Secret Service and private security firms were consulted and totally involved.

We have received great credit from everyone for cancelling this event. Nobody was injured and crowds disbanded quickly and peacefully. It has been termed “really good management and leadership under great pressure!”

It would have been easier for Mr. Trump to have spoken, but he decided, in the interest of everyone’s safety, to postpone the event.

12:08 – Huckabee zings Hillary over the Chicago mobs


12:01 – Cruz blaming Trump for Chicago’s mob violence costs him a vote.


11:56 – Video of the Secret Service protect Trump from someone storming the stage.


11:54 – Per CNN: Even after what happened in Chicago, people in Dayton, Ohio, lined up starting at 1 a.m. for this morning’s Trump event. The Fire Marshall had to shut down the line due to the number of people that eventually showed up.


11:53 – MSNBC commentator: “When minorities hear ‘Make America Great Again,’ what they really hear is ‘Make America White Again.'”


11:49 – Per MSNBC, protesters stormed the stage at the Trump rally. Secret Service cleared the stage. Trump returned to the stage….

“I have a great life, such a comfortable life. .What do I need this for? I’m doing it for our country, folks! … Is there anything more fun than a Trump rally?”


11:42 – Tammy Bruce, a one-time left-wing organizer, sees The Matrix in Chicago

11:39 – Bernie Sanders on defense: Per CNN: “My supporters were in Chicago but did not incite anything. ”

Trump is calling on Sanders to tell his supporters to “stop” disrupting his events. The Mob in Chicago last night was heard chanting, “Bernie! Bernie! Bernie!”


11:02 – Trump addresses Ohio rally

Trump blasts TPP: “You’re going to lose your auto industry. I’ll stop it if I’m president.”

Trump rips Kasich for backing NAFTA: “We lost all our jobs. It destroyed New England.”

Trump promises to build a wall. Explains that he canceled to protect his “wonderful” supporters. Calls on Bernie Sanders to tell his supporters to “stop.”

“My people are nice. They caused no problems. It’s the people who came there to protest who caused the problem. People are telling me to tell my supporters to behave. But my supporters are fine. We’re great. It’s the other people causing problems.”


10:46 – Trump said the media was wrong about him canceling his Cincinnati event today

10:31 -Our media stokes violence and then digs their toe in the dirt playing innocent.

10:11 – Rubio’s remarks condemning Trump


10:10 – Bernie Sanders supporters we’re part of last night’s mob in Chicago


9:54 – Trump is on his way to Dayton, Ohio

9:44 – 250 show up at Rubio event in Florida


9:40 – Kasich blames Trump: “Donald Trump has created a toxic environment.”


9:09 – Rubio backs away from his pledge to support Trump in the general election.


9:01 – “The morning after Chicago– the line to get into Trump rally outside Dayton, OH.”



8:59 – Our media…


8:56 – Trump says the mobs that violated his free speech right have “energized America.”


8:53 – Fearing more violence, Trump cancels Cincinnati event.

Donald Trump is no longer planning a rally in Downtown on Sunday afternoon.

The Secret Service security supporting the GOP presidential front runner’s campaign could not complete its preparation work in time to hold the event at the Duke Energy Convention Center, saidEric Deters, a local spokesman for Trump’s campaign.

“Trump wants to come here, and the campaign is still looking to find a location for either Sunday or Monday,” Deters said.


10:43: CBS reporter arrested after Trump rally postponed:

10:25: Trump on Hannity:

10:20: On CNN, Rubio says a president just can’t say whatever comes to his mind and there are consequences to someone’s words. He says Trump needs to “own up to the fact that the rhetoric he has used” has contributed to this climate. He says “there’s something different going on here” re: Trump’s rallies because there aren’t fights that break out at other candidates’s rallies. Rubio says Trump’s rhetoric, though, doesn’t excuse what the protesters did. Rubio says Trump is not directly responsible for the events in Chicago but bears responsibility for his campaign’s tone.

10:05: In Illinois, Cruz accuses Trump of “affirmatively encouraging violence.”

9:55: A lot of the anti-Trump protesters were chanting “Bernie!” Does Sanders have a responsibility to tell his supporters to stand down?

9:48: Chicago PD claims says they officially didn’t recommend that Trump cancel his rally. Trump has said law enforcement officials have praised his campaign for doing so:

9:44: Cruz is now blaming Trump (the Ivy League elitist in Cruz keeps creeping out when push comes to shove):

9:39: Rubio echoing Trump’s line about professional protesters:

9:35: Nolte:


9:29: Bill Ayers protesting Trump:

9:22: Ben Carson blasts protesters on Fox News:

9:20: Trump: “Protesting is a business for them,” Trump says of career protesters/activists. He will not meet with professional agitators.

9:15: When CNN’s Lemon asks Trump if he is going to postpone every rally because of the threat of protests, Trump says, “well, would you like me to have them, Don, and you’d like to see people killed?” Trump says it will depend… will be a on a case-by-case basis. Trump said people could have been hurt badly tonight and law enforcement has given him credit for making the right decision. Trump says he is not a person that wants to see violence, wants to see people hurt. He also says there are “certain groups” that agitate and “cause problems” and “they have caused problem” and they have stopped the right of free speech.

9:09: Now on CNN, Trump says he hopes his tone is not leading to violence. He says his core message is bringing jobs back to America and mentions that includes for the 59% of unemployed African-American youth. Trump has called into all of the major cable television networks. Trump says there is “great love” for his message at the stadiums. Trump says he thinks he did the right thing tonight after meeting with law enforcement after they told him that people could get hurt. Trump blasts CNN, like he did Fox News, for playing the same clips over and over again after the protesters have dispersed. Trump says his supporters have been treated unfairly because the First Amendment says we have the right to speak. Trump says he has “no regrets” talking about subjects like illegal immigration. When CNN’s Lemon asks Trump

9:08: BET Tweets:

9:07: Anti-Trump protesters:

9:04: Anti-Trump protester says he is there supporting Sanders and against Trump’s policies. [Will the media call on Sanders to control his supporters?]

9:03: Update on injured police officer/civilians:

9:02: Earlier in St. Louis, anti-Trump protesters were stepping on the American flag:

9:01: Coulter notices Mexican flags being waved by anti-Trump protesters:

8:56: Fox’s John Roberts reporting that a lot of the protesters are Bernie Sanders (will the media call on Sanders to control his supporters?) supporters and Black Lives Matter supporters.

8:54: Video from inside venue:

8:53: Chicago Police officer bloodied, injured after Trump rally was postponed:

8:52: Fox News also reporting protesters laying down in front of parking garage.

8:51: Trump on Greta:

8:50: Anti-Trump protesters clashing with police.

8:46: On Fox News, Trump says President Obama has been a divider and he will be a “unifier.” He says he will unite the country by bringing jobs back. Trump says he told the police that he didn’t want to see his supporters and the protesters clash. He says the protests are important because they are revealing some serious problems in America.

8:45: CNN’s John King says because of the media’s coverage of the Chicago protesters, left-wing activists around the country may want to be copycats. “You can bet there will be more of this,” he says.

8:33: Melissa Harris-Perry egging on protesters:

8:30: Anti-Trump protesters were chanting “We Stopped Trump.”

8:28: Speaking to Chris Matthews, Trump says we shouldn’t be restricted to having a rally because of ethnic diversity. Matthews says Trump should have been able to predict it. Trump says it is a major, great city in the United States and says it shouldn’t matter that we’re having a rally in Chicago or someplace else. Trump says he is surprised that Matthews says he shouldn’t have had the rally there when he has said on his program that Republicans should campaign in more diverse areas. Trump says political experts have said these protests will probably increase his vote share.

8:25: Leftist/Progressive refers to protesters who are preventing cops from doing their jobs as “brave.”

8:24: Gergen continues to compare Trump to George Wallace. He points out that eventually he got shot himself and was badly wounded. “Terrible.” He, for some reason, insists that “similar things were going on” at Sarah Palin rallies in 2008.

8:20: On CNN, former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who worked for Obama and has endorsed Cruz, says the media should not blame Trump for putting the public in danger. “I don’t get it,” he says, noting that he has been on both sides of this. Bongino says we see nasty rhetoric emanating from the left but Republican candidates are held to a different standard. He says it is very dangerous to pin this on a candidate who hasn’t broken any laws. Bongino says Trump is running on a platform that he doesn’t agree with but it is “dangerous” to pin this on Trump.

8:14: More information on the man who stormed the stage.

8:13: Aerial shots of scene at postponed Trump rally:

8:12: Chicago Police Department’s radio live feed


8:10: Chris Matthews reportedly saying Trump should  not have had a rally at a “diverse” city like Chicago. This is the same mainstream media that criticize Republicans for not going into diverse areas. Can’t win with them.

8:00: More from the postponed Trump rally:



7:59: Matt Drudge’s Take:


7:55: Trump supporters, protesters clash:

7:52: Trump campaign’s statement:

7:50: CNN’s Acosta saying there are thousands of protesters. Black Lives Matter, Latino activists, left-wing activists have been organizing for well over a week to disrupt Trump’s rally:

7:40: Hundreds of protesters, who are gleeful that the rally was postponed, clashing/fighting with Trump supporters. Chicago police takes a protester who tried to take over the podium away. CNN’s Jim Acosta says that security doesn’t have a handle on the situation and some protesters and some Trump supporters seem to be looking for a fight.

7:38: A madhouse at Trump rally. Protesters yelling “Bernie” while Trump supporters shouting “Trump.”

7:35: Trump Postpones Chicago rally. Attendees were told that Trump has just arrived in Chicago and after meeting with law enforcement, he decided to postpone the rally for the safety of the tens of thousands involved. Speaker tells crowd to go home peacefully. 

6:55: Good news for Sanders in Ohio. Judge rules some 17-year-olds can vote on Tuesday:

6:30: Kasich taping MSNBC town hall:

6:25: Obama makes “birther” joke about Cruz:

6:20: Anti-Trump protesters. At an earlier rally, Trump said these protesters are the people who are not making America great.






6:15: “Trump footlongs” on sale in Chicago:

6:00: Rep. Gutierrez  (D-IL) speaking to anti-Trump protesters ahead of Trump’s Chicago rally:

5:50: Rep. Luis Gutierrez, who will join protesters at Trump’s Chicago rally tonight, says Donald Trump is ‘Sarah Palin on Steroids.’

5:45: Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) thinks Trump can expand the GOP tent in a way his “Young Guns” could not.

5:30: Black Lives Matter and Latino activists upset at Trump’s immigration rhetoric expected to protest Trump’s Chicago rally.

5:25: More than 50,000 people have signed a MoveOn.org petition asking University of Illinois-Chicago to cancel Trump’s rally.

5:20: According to NBC Chicago, the first Trump supporter in Chicago showed up at 3 a.m. The arena seats 9,500 and more than 10,o00 have RSVP’d.

5:18: Ben & Jerry’s co-founder Jerry Greenfield shows up at site of Trump’s Chicago rally and scoops free ice cream for those in line:

5:11: Sanders challenges Clinton on trade:

4:55: Man holds sign at Rubio rally asking him to endorse Cruz:

4:48: Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) endorses Cruz:

“I remain deeply committed to the election of a President who is committed to preserving the Constitution, the conservative cause, and this Republic for future generations,” Franks said. “Two weeks ago I urged Senators Cruz and Rubio to unite and present our Party with a combined ticket that would bring our conservative cause together in the primary election, and our nation together in the general election. While that did not happen, the results of the last two weeks make clear that the most reliable conservative with the best chance to win is Ted Cruz. He can win our party’s nomination and even more importantly, can beat Hillary Clinton in November. Therefore I have cast my ballot for Ted and am now honored to endorse his campaign, encouraging all who believe in strong families, free-markets, and the Constitution, to similarly rally to this effort and vote for Ted as the next President of the United States.”

Cruz said he was “Honored to have the endorsement of such a principled leader and defender of the Constitution like Trent.”

“He rightfully knows that it’s time for all conservatives to coalesce around our campaign in order to stop Donald Trump,” Cruz added. “Arizona will have the opportunity to help choose the next President of the United States in less than two weeks and I urge all Arizonans to join Rep. Franks in support of our campaign.”

4:39: Hillary apologizes for misspeaking about Reagan’s record on HIV/AIDS:


4:00: Heavens open as soon as Nancy Reagan is laid to rest:

3;40: Team Kasich blasts Rubio’s super PAC ads against Kasich:

3:35: Phyllis Schlafly’s endorsement of Trump:

3:30: Trump blasts the media. Now targeting Politico:

3:20: Rubio greeting voters in Naples:

3:10: Cruz with Hannity in Orlando:

2:58: After Patty Davis’s moving/funny speech, Ron Reagan Jr. says there would not be a library without a President Ronald Reagan. And there would  not have been a President Reagan without Nancy Reagan. He says they were co-equals. Reagan says that his dad thought everyone who worked with him was “pure of heart” but not his mother. He mentions Don Regan. But he says his mother could also be the most loyal friend and speaks about her friendship with Joan Rivers. He says if his Mom and one great talent, it was how to love and she loved his Dad.

2:45: Trump says Ivanka and his son-in-law Jared asked him to presidential last night during the debate. Trump says he acted very presidential last night but that isn’t as fun. So he blasts “lyin’ Ted” and “Little Marco.”

2:40: Tom Brokaw reminisces about Nancy Reagan. He says she was the keeper of the flame and extremely politically astute behind the scenes:

2:30: Trump talks about illegal immigrant crime. He references the late Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw Jr.

2:26: At Trump’s rally, he slams Kasich for bringing Obamacare to Ohio.

2:20: Brian Mulroney reads beautiful letter from Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan:

2:08: At Trump’s rally, he says the protesters “are not the people that made our country great.” He says “these are the people that are destroying our country.” He says he was asked if he wanted to cancel the event because protesters had planned to disrupt it be he decided not to. Crowd chanting “nah-nah-nah-nah, hey, hey, hey, goodbye” as protesters are escorted out.

2:o2: Nancy Reagan’s funeral service:

2:00: Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Bushes at Nancy Reagan funeral:

1:56: Trump says Kasich abandoned Ohio and lived in New Hampshire and then moved to Michigan. He hits Kasich for favoring the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership deal.

1:55: Palin welcomes Dr. Carson aboard the Trump Train:

Dr. Ben Carson! Welcome on board the Trump Train. Thank you, from all Americans excited about the yuge growth of the…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Friday, March 11, 2016

1:53: “Get ’em out of here,” Trump says at his rally when protesters disrupt. “He’s all mouth.”


Trump protester

1:52: Mr. T arrives for Nancy Reagan’s funeral:

1:5o: Arnold Schwarzenneger and Maria Shriver at Nancy Reagan’s funeral:

1:49: Hillary Clinton, who is attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral, praises her “grace and strength.”

1:48: More from Trump rally:


1:45: Scene at Trump rally in St. Louis. Americans from all walks of life. Huge lines. Crowd chanting “We Want Trump.”

1:25 – Limbaugh Calls Breitbart News “Trumpbart”


1:09 – Jenner: “If Hillary becomes president, the country is over

Caitlyn Jenner is bashing Hillary Clinton, calling the Democratic presidential front-runner a “political hack” who will ruin the country.

“I would never, ever, ever vote for Hillary,” the reality TV star says in a preview clip from Sunday’s episode of E!’s “I am Cait.”

“We’re done if Hillary becomes president, the country is over,” Jenner, 66, says in a heated political debate with her friends. “You can’t fix immigration, you can’t fix the economy — it’s got to stop. We don’t have a country. And Hillary will not do it.”


1:01 – New poll out of Missouri

12:43 – Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio Vote Tuesday.  Here are the latest GOP  polls and the Dem polls:


Trump +15

Clinton +34


Trump +2.5

Clinton +20


Trump +12

Clinton +30.5

North Carolina 

Trump +10

Clinton +20

Missouri – No recent polling.

Poll from August had Trump +12

Poll from August had Clinton +28



12:17 – Rubio has not been ahead in Florida since January of last year.


11:58 – No good deed.


11:56 – “Trump rally. Literally the longest line I’ve ever seen.” The location appears to be St. Louis.


11:52 – Rubio signals he is giving up on Ohio.


11:31 – National Review to endorse Ted Cruz


11:21 – Rubio calls on his supporters to vote for Kasich in Ohio


11:16 – Report: Phyllis Schlafly to Endorse Donald Trump at St. Louis Rally


9:52 Breitbart News responds to Donald Trump’s claim that Michelle Fields made up the story of being harshly grabbed at a campaign event.

Breitbart News stands behind Michelle Fields. Even Donald Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson said Thursday that “someone probably did grab her,” i.e. Fields, though she claimed it could not have been Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Trump’s suggestion that Fields made up the incident Tuesday evening contradicts the evidence, including her own injuries, an account from Washington Post reporter Ben Terris, and audio recorded at the scene.


9:49 – Trump rips Ohio Governor John Kasich over trade.

Kasich and Trump are in a very close in the must-win primary state of Ohio.


9:47 – Trump signals he is not interested in more debates.

At his Friday morning presser, Trump said that he was unaware of an upcoming debate and said that he is “done” with debates.


9: 46 – Drudge on Cruz



9:40 – Trump: “The Republican Party has lots its way.”

During his Friday presser, Trump said that the “Republican party has lost its way. It’s lost two elections it should have won, especially the last one.”


9:32 – Trump’s New Tone: “There are two Donald Trumps”

During a press conference after receiving the endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson, Republican front-runner Donald Trump continued to present himself as he did at last night’s debate: as more presidential, subdued, while still being open to the media. Trump said, “There are two Donald Trumps.” When pressed by the media on what that means, Trump said that there is the Trump who brawled his way through the primary and the guy who is “thoughtful” and “reads and thinks.”

Trump is presenting himself as inevitable, as someone prepared to unify. Four days before a crucial set of primaries, he’s in close-the-deal mode.


9:28 – Trump lands the endorsement of Dr. Ben Carson.

Conservative favorite Ben Carson, who last week suspended his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, plans to endorse Donald Trump on Friday morning, according to two people familiar with his thinking.

The endorsement, perhaps the most high-profile nod for Trump since New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie backed him, was finalized Thursday morning when Carson met with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, the luxury club owned by the Republican front-runner, the people said. The sources requested anonymity to discuss private conversations.

Friday’s announcement will also take place at the club in Palm Beach, Fla., where the onetime rivals will appear alongside one another at a news conference.

Breitbart News responds to Donald Trump’s claim that Michelle Fields made up the story of being harshly grabbed at a campaign event.

Breitbart News stands behind Michelle Fields. Even Donald Trump campaign spokesperson Katrina Pierson said Thursday that “someone probably did grab her,” i.e. Fields, though she claimed it could not have been Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Trump’s suggestion that Fields made up the incident Tuesday evening contradicts the evidence, including her own injuries, an account from Washington Post reporter Ben Terris, and audio recorded at the scene.

Breitbart CEO Larry Solov says company stands by Michelle Fields as Trump campaign dismisses allegation: pic.twitter.com/pj4OkoGREV

— Michael Calderone (@mlcalderone) March 11, 2016



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