Ex-Secret Service Agent: Mainstream Media ‘Blacklisting’ Me to Help ‘Clinton Machine’ ‘Squash’ Message

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her husband former U.S. president Bill Clinton greet supporters during a caucus day event at Caesers Palace on February 20, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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Gary Byrne, the retired U.S. Secret Service agent who has written a blockbuster new book about his time in the Clinton White House, suspects that the so-called “Clinton Machine” is getting the mainstream media to “blacklist” him in order to “squash” his message about how Hillary Clinton is unfit to become the country’s next President.

Byrne answered questions about his book last week at Barnes & Noble in McLean, Virginia, and C-SPAN aired the event over the weekend. His book, Crisis of Character, reveals some sordid details about the Clinton White House that he observed while standing guard outside of the Oval Office.

“They basically unleashed their ‘Clinton Machine’ on me, so to speak,” he said. “I knew I was getting that.”

Byrne added that, “I do know that I have been blacklisted from the regular TV channels. We had a couple of things scheduled and then all of a sudden they kind of went away.”

When an audience member asked if George Stephanopoulos, the former White House Communications Director and Clinton loyalist who now poses as an “objective” journalist at ABC and hosts the network’s “This Week” Sunday show, has called him for an interview, Byrne answered, “No, he has not.” Had Byrne revealed details about a Republican President, those in the mainstream press like Stephanopoulous would most likely be competing to get Byrne on their programs.

Byrne said he respected Stephanopoulos and mentioned that “he walked by me every day.” He said he was friends with Stephanopoulos’s assistants and thought Stephanopoulos was a “decent” and “intelligent” guy even though he didn’t “agree with his political leanings.” Byrne said the funny thing is when the Clinton Machine first claimed that Byrne wasn’t where he said he was, all the media could have done was ask Stephanopoulos if Byrne was telling the truth. Byrne made a point that he did not write he book because he despises Democrats and even said he hoped Leon Panetta would run for President.

When an audience member asked if he has heard anything from Clinton’s camp, Byrne said they first tried to discredit him by saying the “uniform division is not allowed to do anything.”

“Well, if that were true, why was I subpoenaed six times?” Byrne, who was called to testify against Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, asked. He said when that did not work so well, they then claimed that he “made it all up.” And since that didn’t work, Byrne said he wonders what the next line of attack will be against him.

This is not the first time, of course, that the mainstream media have tried to protect the Clintons by concealing things about them from the masses. Had it not been for Internet news pioneer Matt Drudge, the world may have never known about Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky or the mainstream media’s attempts to cover it up.

As Breitbart News has written, “Drudge forever changed journalism in January of 1998 when he reported that Bill Clinton had a sexual relationship with a White House intern and that Newsweek killed the story to protect its ally in the White House.”

Three years before Drudge’s bombshell, the Clinton administration feared the Internet’s ability to allow pioneers like Drudge to democratize the news, which Drudge forever did. In its 1995 “conspiracy commerce memo,” the Clinton White House fretted that the “Internet has become one of the major and most dynamic modes of communication” and “can link people, groups and organizations together instantly.”

“Moreover, it allows an extraordinary amount of unregulated data and information to be located in one area and available to all,” the memo states. “The right wing has seized upon the Internet as a means of communicating its ideas to people. Moreover, evidence exists that Republican staffers surf the Internet, interacting with extremists in order to exchange ideas and information.”

Byrne said Clinton’s allies are blacklisting him because they are trying to “squash my message” that Hillary Clinton is “not the person we want to be president.”



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