Bob Schieffer: Rape Accusers Had ‘Some Relationship’ with Bill Clinton

Scott Olson/Getty

CBS News’ veteran anchor Bob Schieffer expressed outrage Sunday that Republican nominee Donald Trump focused attention on the women who accused former President Bill Clinton of rape and sexual assault.

“How have we come to this? This is supposed to be a campaign for the most powerful office of the land. Here we’re marching in women into the hall who supposed to have some relationship with one of the candidate’s spouses. What’s that supposed to prove?”

The “relationships” that the women had with Bill Clinton allegedly included rape and violent sexual assault.

“We were not willing participants,” said rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick at a press conference preceding the debate. “These were crimes.”

Another accuser, Kathleen Willey, said: “These are not infidelities. A rape is not an infidelity. These are crimes. Any other people would be in jail … This is no longer about infidelities, indiscretions, girlfriends, sex, interns — none of those. This is about a serial rapist, a predator, and his wife who has enabled his behavior all of these years.”

Broaddrick and Willey joined Paula Jones and Kathy Shelton — who was the 12-year-old victim of a rape in a case where Hillary Clinton gleefully defended the accused — in the front row of the debate.

Schieffer was indignant that Bill Clinton’s “relationship” should have been in focus, even as the Clinton campaign and the debate moderators accused Donald Trump of “sexual assault” for jokes he made in 2005 about groping women.

“I mean this is what they do in Banana Republic. This is the United States of America,” Schieffer said.

“I just hope to God I don’t see another campaign like this one. America can do better than what we have seen here tonight. This was just disgraceful,” he said.

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