Murdoch’s Louise Mensch: ‘Everyone’ Who Votes Trump is ‘Scum of The Earth’

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Former British politician and self proclaimed “committed Republican,” Louise Mensch has taken her opposition to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump to the next level, declaring “everyone” who plans on voting for him to be “scum of the earth.”

Mensch, who is currently the editor of the Rupert Murdoch funded blog Heat Street, argued that “If you vote Trump you are the scum of the earth, a colluder in racism and ‘deplorable’ is too good for you. This means everyone.”

She then continues with another jibe at Trump voters, saying it’s “cowardly to blame [racism] on Trump and excuse his voters,” before adding that the word “elites” now means “people who aren’t racist.”

She adds that “the gulf between Republicans & Democrats turns out to be be nothing compared to that between decency & hate, patriots and traitors,” the hate and traitors presumably a reference to Trump voters.

As well as editing Heat Street, Mensch also holds the title of ‘Vice President, Creative and Strategy’ at News Corporation, Fox Entertainment’s sister company, which are both owned by conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch,

It emerged through WikiLeaks this week that Mensch, who describes herself as a “committed Republican,” actually pitched her idea for an advertisement to the Clinton campaign, which she suggested be based on having the first female president, entitled ‘Our Time.’

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