CNN/Daily Beast’s Matt Lewis: Trump Voters ‘Asses,’ Bunch of Idiots

Matt Lewis CNN

CNN commentator and Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis says President Donald Trump’s voters are “asses” and endorses a “full-throated attempt” to primary Trump in 2020 with someone like Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), a “NeverTrumper.”

He writes in the Daily Beast:

All good-thinking conservatives should now commit to supporting a viable and serious primary challenge to Donald Trump in the GOP primary. This should not be a perfunctory exercise, but rather, a full-throated attempt to replace him as the nominee. Further, where you stand on this should be considered a defining moment. Personally, I would nominate Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska as the kind of person conservatives should back.

Lewis says political professionals actually know more than the “masses” who “sometimes are asses.”