CNN ‘Republican’ Ana Navarro Contributed Thousands and Thousands of Dollars to Democrats


The leftwing (and last place) cable news network CNN just loves them some Ana Navarro, and does so only because of how useful she makes herself to them. Because Navarro identifies publicly as a Republican and regularly launches into grandstanding meltdowns about how awful, crazy, stupid, and racist President Donald Trump is, CNN rewards her with all the air time a witless narcissist could ask for. Well, as it turns out, Navarro’s political contributions are about as Republican as the words that screech out of her neurotic mouth.

An investigation by LifeZette reveals that Navarro has literally donated thousands of dollars to Democrats, hard-left Democrats like — brace yourself — Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. According to Lifezette, over the years, Navarro has donated a total of $1000 to the woman who until recently ran the Democratic National Committee.

Of the total of $18,000(!) Navarro has donated to Democrats since 1997, former-Senator Bob Graham of Florida received $200, as did New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. Moreover, in 2006, although control of the U.S. Senate was on the line, Navarro organized three fundraisers for Menendez, who was in a tough re-election battle that he eventually won. Republicans also lost control of the Senate.

After the Lifezette report ran, Navarro defended herself with this tweet:

While it is true that Navarro has donated to Republicans of the John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Lisa Murkowski stripe, how does her virtue-signaling explanation wash with the news that she also donated $2000 to what Lifezette describes as “political action committees known as Democrats Win Seats and Help Elect America’s Team”?

Could it be that the only cause Navarro truly believes in is the relentless feeding of the bottomless pit that is her insecure ego?

Full Disclosure: In 1988, I donated $16 to Jesse Jackson’s presidential run, and I still have the button to prove it.

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