Explanations from Politico’s Hate-Toonist Are Total BS

Politico Harvey

Matt Wuerker, the leftwing editorial cartoonist for the leftwing Politico, was met with almost universal condemnation Wednesday for a ‘toon that not only mocked the victims of Hurricane Harvey, but mocked the victims in most desperate need, those requiring rescue from rooftops. Utilizing that form of bigotry and hate that will always be acceptable among the Beautiful People, Wuerker managed to lump all Texans into a single GodTardingRacistSecessionist.

Ugly, ugly stuff.

For his part, Wuerker claims he was merely making fun of the secessionist movement…

Yeah, no. Especially when the only state currently interested in seceding is the most left-wing one in the union.

Wuerker also spoke with the Washington Examiner to spread this manure:

This cartoon went with an extreme example of anti-government types – Texas Secessionists – benefitting from the heroism of federal government rescuers. … “It of course was not aimed at Texans in general, any more than a cartoon about extremists marching in Charlottesville could be construed as a poke at all Virginians[.]

Wuerker closed with, “My heart is with all the victims of Hurricane Harvey.”

Well, maybe not all of them.

But look again at the snob’s smug hate-toon and tell me how the “secessionist-only” explanation washes with your lying eyes.

If there was only a “Seccession” sign, in a fit of generosity Politico would never offer anyone on the political right, maybe we could buy that.



The “Don’t Tread On Me” flag is an obvious jab at all Tea Partiers.

The “Angels! Sent by God!” dialogue is an obvious jab at the Faithful.

The stereotypical ten gallon hat is an obvious jab at Texans.

The Confederate flag is an obvious jab at Texans as backwards racists.

Moreover, the “Secession” sign is not the centerpiece of the hate-toon. It is off to one side like an afterthought.

THE CENTERPIECE of any editorial cartoon is what is presented in the largest font,  and in Wuerker’s hate-toon that is the “Angels! Sent by God!” dialogue, which makes the painfully clear statement that ignorant Texans should be thanking government instead of God.

Then there is this little fact via Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey:

Is Harris County, where the bulk of Harvey damage is taking place, a hotbed of secessionists? Not exactly, no. In the 2016 election, Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump 54/42 in Harris, and also in hurricane-ravaged Fort Bend, 52/45.

In summation…

In the middle of a historic hurricane devastating God knows how many thousands and thousands of Texans, the cultural supremacists at Politico are stereotyping those very same Texans in the cruelest ways imaginable. All in an effort to make some lame political point that government is god, or something…

And just how ignorant and removed from the Faith and Faithful does one have to be to not understand that a cornerstone of Christianity is how our Loving God works through people, most especially our first responders, those who most personify Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.

Wuerker’s hatefully smug cartoon and his arrogant explanation reveal once more that America’s true bigots and provincials reside within in our elite media.

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