Nolte: NBC News Launches Media Site, Staffs It with *Yawn* Leftists


There will be a whole new set of contributors joining the never-ending masturbation circle that represents our national media’s bottomless capacity for self-obsession and self-love.

Naturally, this is an exclusive club open only to the hive-mind. No outsiders, free-thinkers, iconoclasts, boat rockers allowed. Meaning, no normal people. Just provincial leftists enamored with — other than themselves — empowering central government, flooding our country with illegal Democrats, and protecting Obamacare.

Yes, NBC News has just announced a new hub dedicated to covering the media, and has staffed it with a herd of left-wingers. Fox News-hater Gabriel Sherman, social justice warrior and BuzzFeed editor Ben Smith, Recode executive editor (and bigtime Trump-hater) Kara Swisher, a second editor from Recode (which publishes headlines like this), Peter Kafka. Another Trump-hater, John Huey, a venomous leftist who describes the likes of Senate candidate Roy Moore as “the American Taliban“; and finally, America’s chief Obamacare cheerleader, Steven Brill.

Gee, I don’t know about y’all, but from this amazing new and vital NBC News hub, I personally cannot wait to hear all the exact same opinions and points of view about the media that I also get from CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and about 900 other mainstream media outlets.

Simply put, I cannot be the only person sitting around wondering why the echo chamber is so lacking in more echoes, why the groupthink does not employ a larger group, why the hive-mind is so short on worker bees.

Nothing more crucial is missing from our national discussion on the media than even more leftwing voices saying all the same things, expressing themselves in the exact same way, pushing the same opinions and ideas, and never-ever-ever going against the leftwing narrative — unless, of course, it is in the cause of moving things even further to left in the sacred name of social justice.

Good job not upsetting the status quo, NBC.

Intellectual conformity is where it is at!

America cannot wait to hear more of the same from more of the same.