Nolte: A Media Week of Fake News, Homophobia, Perverts, Enablers, and Resistance

In this Nov. 16, 2015 photo provided by ABC, correspondent Brian Ross speaks on "Good Morning America," which airs on the ABC Television Network, in New York. ABC has suspended investigative reporter Ross Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017, for four weeks without pay for the network’s incorrect Michael Flynn report on …
Fred Lee/ABC via AP

As though we do not already have enough proof that the American media is nothing less than a rolling clown car packed with deviants, sycophants, and propagandists, in His infinite wisdom and generosity, the Good Lord used all of last week to reveal once again just who these terrible people truly are.

ABC Tanks the Stock Market with Fake News

Are we at a point yet where “BrianRossing” is now a verb that describes a left-wing reporter (but I repeat myself) rushing before a network news camera to spread flat-out lies? Or maybe “BrianRossing” should be used to describe the consequences of that behavior — such as a month off to enjoy the holidays.

Back in 2012, Ross, a marquee reporter for ABC, could not wait to falsely blame a Tea Partier for a horrific mass-shooting in a Colorado movie theater. Fast-forward to last Friday, and this very same Ross could not wait to tell the world that candidate Trump issued orders to get in touch with the Russians — which would prove Trump must be impeached for colluding with said Russians.

The only problem is that none of that was true. Nevertheless, ABC News took all day, seven full hours, before issuing a “clarification.”

Not a retraction or correction — a clarification.

Did I mention that ABC’s fake news tanked the stock market?

MSNBC’s Favorite Homophobe

Between 2007-2009, in what is unquestionably the most blatant and inexcusable act of homophobia attached to any single person currently working in the legitimate media, NBC’s Joy Reid — who anchors a show at MSNBC but has appeared on NBC News programs like Meet the Press — authored somewhere around a dozen articles that committed two breathtaking sins…

1) Without any proof, she outed then-Republican Florida Governor Charlie Crist as gay. 2) The left-wing Reid ridiculed and demeaned Crist for being gay.

Writing for her online Reid Report, and hurling nicknames like “Miss Charlie,” the NBC News star repeatedly and mercilessly attempted to denigrate Crist over his sexuality. She even questioned his marriage: “Now that he’s married to a girl,” Reid wrote, “Charlie Crist is being sought out for all KINDS of good stuff… [The GOP] are wooing Miss Charlie to run.”

“I can just see poor Charlie on the honeymoon, ogling the male waiters and thinking to himself, ‘god, do I actually have to see her naked…?’,” she added.

Naturally, after getting caught by the left-wing Mediaite, Reid apologized Monday, and because her politics are “correct,’ that apology will be good enough for a mainstream media that has no scruples, decency, or integrity.

But in an effort to save Reid, a cherished member of the anti-Trump Resistance, no one wants to discuss the full context of her monstrous behavior. At the time, Reid’s homophobic attacks on Crist were all part of a concerted effort on the left to kill his presidential aspirations.

After 2008, this smear campaign went nuclear to protect Barack Obama’s re-election chances. Because Crist was seen as a comer, an inevitable 2012 presidential candidate, and the popular governor of a crucial swing state, the left went so far as to produce and release a theatrical documentary as a means to (falsely) out him as gay.

Moreover, Reid was not some young, immature blogger when she did this. Rather, she was a 40 year-old woman with more than ten years of journalism under her belt.

Again, Crist, who is now a Democrat congressman, has been married twice, both times to women. There is absolutely no proof he is a homosexual. This was a straight-up smear campaign.

Regardless, no one at NBC News will ever again have the moral authority to lecture anyone about anything, much less homophobia.

The Failing New York Times and Very-Fake-News-CNN Openly Join The Resistance

Speaking of coming out

Although the left-wing New York Times itself avoided paying any taxes in 2014 and has spent years railing against big corporations influencing our political system, last week this very same tax-dodging big corporation took full advantage (if only in spirit) of the Supreme Court’s Citizen United decision with an all-out partisan assault against the tax reform bill that ended up passing in the U.S. Senate.

Going way above and beyond an editorial, the Times launched a full-fledged Resistance Campaign to kill the bill. On its print and web pages, and through social media, the Times went so far as to publish the phone numbers of senators and urged its readers to call and demand a “vote against the Senate tax bill because it would increase the deficit by more than $1.4 trillion.”

Yes, after eight years of their Precious Barry doubling 230 years of national debt all on his own, suddenly the Times is worried about deficits.

Over at CNN, national laughingstock and White House correspondent/preener Jim Acosta spoke at the Poynter Journalism Ethics Summit and proved that entire concept a joke by calling on his fellow preeners “to resist” Trump.

“Acosta says reporters are not a part of the ‘resistance,’ but adds: ‘When journalists are attacked, journalists have to resist,'” Politico’s Cristiano Lima reported.

NBC News’ (alleged) Pervert

Sex toys and James Bond door-locks;  a woman bent over a chair and “harassed” until she passed out out — allegedly.

This is the 20 year face of NBC’s Today Show, the 20 year face of NBC News, the man paid $25 million annually to be that face, the alleged serial predator given an office hidden away in some dark corner of 30 Rockefeller…

The MSM’s Pervert-Enablers

And with Matt Lauer we have been told — just as we were with NBC/ABC/Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin and the New York Times/Politico’s Glenn Thrush and CBS’s Charlie Rose and countless others — that everyone knew! about Lauer.

Up and down the corporate ladder, everyone knew!

According to a report last week, this includes current CNN chief Jeff Zucker, who, in various roles,  oversaw the Today Show for well over a decade.

So take a good look at your mainstream media, folks… And what you will see is nothing less than an institution little different from the mafia, one populated only by liars, propagandists, homophobic smear-merchants, activists, perverts, abusers, and their enablers.

Evil. Pure evil.

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