The Delingpole Podcast: Tommy Robinson on the Islamic Takeover of Free Speech in Britain

former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson at a PEGIDA rally in Cologne, Germany, 9 January 2016 (photo by Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London)
Rachel Megawhat/Breitbart London

In this week’s Delingpole podcast, special guest Tommy Robinson talks about his dismay at being branded – by “Mark Rowley, the head of Anti-Terrorism in Scotland Yard, no less” – “a right-wing extremist terrorist” equivalent “to Anjem Choudary”.

Choudary is the man behind the al-Muhajiroun, an organization linked to multiple terrorist attacks, including the radicalization of the “man responsible for Lee Rigby’s death”. In fact, Robinson claims that 60 percent of the Muslims in jail for terrorism, are ex-members of Choudary’s organization’.

Choudary went on record praising the 9\11 attacks and is currently serving a 5-year sentence for encouraging British Muslims to join ISIS. Delingpole went on to ask, “How many people have you radicalized to the extent where they went and killed somebody?”, to which Tommy said “none”:

But, it didn’t stop them from trying to drag me into the Darren Osborne case, with no evidence either.

Darren Osborne, is the man responsible for the Finsbury Park attack, where he drove into a group of Muslims outside their Welfare House – resulting in 10 casualties and one death. Robinson said that he has taken legal action against Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service for claiming that he exchanged ‘private Twitter messages with Osborne’, which he described as ‘a complete, and utter lie’. He also shared that he was not informed about being dragged into the case, which ‘resulted in multiple death threats’.

According to Robinson, Osborne decided to target the “Al Quds march, which was a terrorist march, but couldn’t get there.” So, “he ran over innocent Muslims”. In his suicide letter, he named “Sadiq Khan, Jeremy Corbyn” and “a series of Islamic, terrorist attacks” as the roots for his radicalization and the driving force behind his decision to take the lives of innocent victims. Robinson was in fact not mentioned once:

I was banned for stating that 90% of grooming gang convictions are Muslim men

Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account was banned again for bringing up research done by Quilliam, a Muslim think-tank, and for speaking about the grooming gang case in Huddersfield, where “29 men are on trial, and out those 29, 27 are Muslim”. The persecution experienced by Robinson at the hands of the mainstream media and the political establishment does not end here. He predicts that within the next 12 months he will be ‘completely removed from online activity’ by ‘social media giants.’ He said that ‘any way we want to operate in’ they are going to ‘make it impossible’. But this, Robinson said, has only made him more determined to lead

…the largest alternative media news network the world has seen

Talking about his book, Mohammed’s Koran, Robinson reminisces about the historical attitude towards Islam in Britain saying that “our clergy, our politicians, our military have always been completely honest about Islam – calling it ‘the religion of war’.” He brings up the example of Sir William Gladstone, who famously held the Qu’ran above his head in Parliament and said, “We will never have peace on this earth, so long as we have this book” – today “he would be labelled an Islamophobic bigot and driven out of politics”.

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