Nolte: Why a Desperate CNN Used ‘Trillion’ in a Mueller Headline

FILE - In this June 13, 2013 file photo, FBI Director Robert Mueller listens as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, as the House Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing on the FBI. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team of lawyers investigating potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign …
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Far-left CNN is facing withering and justified ridicule over a silly and desperate headline that says, “Mueller’s office collected more than a trillion bytes of data related to the indicted Russian individuals and companies.”

The optimum word there is, of course, “trillion,” which sounds like a “holy moly” when it really is not.

To begin with, no honest or informed person (or supposed news outlet) measures anything in bytes. That would be as misleading and inane as a bank measuring money in pennies, instead of dollars.

A trillion bytes is actually 1,000 gigabytes (a much less sexy number), or one measly terabyte (which is not sexy at all).

To put this in perspective, a terabyte can only hold about 1000 hours of video. Moreover, the cost of a 1 terabyte drive is a whole $49.00 and Amazon is happy to store 1 terabyte of data for you in its cloud for a whopping $5 a month.

So why is the basement-rated CNN willing to make such a public fool of itself?

To begin with, the anti-Trump network is genetically incapable of the telling the truth. Why tell the truth when you can lie?, appears to be CNN’s operating motto.

Mostly, though, this comes from desperation. As Special Counsel Robert “Leaky” Mueller’s witch hunt enters its second year of abject failure, the anti-Trump Resistance, which CNN is a proud cardholding member of, is getting increasingly desperate for its next impeachment fix, and headlines like this one that make it sound as though Mueller has the goods (Dr. Evil voice: “One trillion bytes!”), provide a sugar high for the demoralized left.

Every aspect of the Russian Collusion and Obstruction Hoax is getting dumber by the day.

Some examples of other recent headlines that scream and scream and scream while saying absolutely nothing:

Report: FBI Probing Michael Cohen’s Deal With Korean Firm

  • No one is sure if the FBI is investigating. It is all speculation on the media’s part.
  • Even if the FBI is investigating, Cohen wheedling $150,000 out of an ally for consulting purposes is not illegal.

Trump’s personal attorney solicited $1 million from government of Qatar”

  • This is not illegal.

Whistleblower Leaked Michael Cohen’s Financials Over Potential Cover-Up: Report

  • The only proof of lawbreaking here is the leak.
  • There is no proof the federal government is hiding any info.
  • Even if Trump’s government hid this information, it is easily recreated from the bank it came from.
  • If Trump were suspected, Mueller surely would not have given up the Cohen case to New York.
  • Someone legitimately concerned with a cover-up would have gone to an Inspector General or an immediate superior, not to a porn star’s lawyer.
  • The leaker likely feels the walls closing in and hopes to use the media to make his criminal behavior look noble as opposed to what it really is: a felony, partisan, and a violation of an American’s civil rights.

What’s more, CNN is hoping the word “trillion” will somehow bolster Mueller’s crumbling reputation after his symbolic indictment of these Russians (who might be guilty of nothing more than placing a few Facebook ads, most of them after the election to stoke anti-Trump opposition) blew up in his face. Mueller probably assumed he would get a free ride with these grandstanding indictments, that the accused would stay in Russia and not fight back. But one company is now asking for its day in court, and Mueller is making a fool of himself to slow that process down. And so, CNN is hoping to help out a Deep State Brother (and likely background source) by dramatically throwing around the word “trillion.”

The “bombshells” being released by an increasingly frantic Deep State through their increasingly frustrated allies in the media are becoming so incoherent and dumb they remind me of a four-year-old grasping for another excuse to stay up past bedtime: “But-but-but there are a trillion bytes under my bed and I’m thirsty.”

Mueller has nothing on Trump because there is nothing to have.

Meanwhile, here in the real world, we know that in their abusive and possibly illegal push to defeat Trump in 2016 and to then overturn his election after that failed, the Obama administration, its lackeys in the intelligence community, and their lackeys in the national media, have lied, abused their power, and behaved in ways that make Richard Nixon look like an Eagle Scout.

And so, in order to distract from the walls that are closing in on the true bad guys, in order to balm the gaping wound that came with the knowledge Wednesday that Mueller will not indict Trump (but might write a sternly worded report), CNN is willing to once again sacrifice its already-tattered reputation in order to offer the Resistance an adrenaline pop through the asinine use of the word “trillion.”

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