‘Daily News’ Writer Tells Puerto Rican Kimberly Guilfoyle to ‘Pick Grapes’

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 31: Fox News Anchor Kimberly Guilfoyle attends A Night of Style & Glamour to welcome newlyweds Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries at Capitale on August 31, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)
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New York Daily News columnist Linda Stasi wants Kimberly Guilfoyle, who is Puerto Rican, fired from Fox News and says “she’d be better off picking grapes.”

The far-left Stasi, whose mean-girl column is titled “Fox should fire reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle, who can’t possibly stay neutral while dating a Trump kid,” asks us to take seriously the notion that Guilfoyle, whose role on Fox News is that of a commentator, should not be on television offering opinions because of a personal relationship. Which makes one wonder…

Where was the appropriately named Stasi’s concern with such things just a few days ago when we learned that a 26-year-old New York Times/BuzzFeed/McClatchy/Politico/HuffPo “reporter” slept with her source for years; a 57-year-old man who seemed interested in only leaking classified information damaging to President Trump?

Oh, and did I mention that some of her employers reportedly knew of the relationship?

What’s more, where was the appropriately named Stasi during the last eight years, when the co-mingling of relationships between the Obama administration and the establishment media resembled a giant game of Naked Twister?

Anyone truly interested in journalistic ethics should try reading this without swallowing their tongue:

Jay Carney went from Time to the White House press secretary’s office. Shailagh Murray went from the Washington Post to the Veep’s office while married to Neil King at the Wall Street Journal. Neil King has left the Wall Street Journal to work for Fusion GPS. Linda Douglass went from ABC News to the White House and then the Atlantic. Jill Zuckman went from the Chicago Tribune to the Obama Administration’s Transportation Department. Douglas Frantz went from the Washington Post to the State Department and Stephen Barr went from the Post to the Labor Department.

Ruth Marcus, who heads the Washington Post Editorial Board, is married to the Obama Administration’s former Federal Trade Commission Chairman. Jonathan Allen had been at the Politico before going to work for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then back to Politico before going to the left leaning Vox. Now he is at NBC News. Andy Barr worked for the Politico before leaving for Democrat politics. Michael Scherer was at both Salon and Mother Jones before going to Time. Laura Rozen was at Mother Jones and the American Prospect before Foreign Policy magazine. Even Nate Silver had started out at Daily Kos. Then, of course, there is Matthew Dowd, who worked for scores of Democrats before working for George Bush. That, though he later washed his hands of Bush, bought him street credibility with ABC News to become its senior politically analyst alongside George Stephanopoulos, formerly of the Clinton Administration.

Obviously, the appropriately named Stasi is not at all concerned with “ethics,” or “journalistic integrity.” She is just another bitter leftist baring her claws, and doing so by deceiving her readers with misinformation while marinating in the worst kinds of sexist and racist stereotypes.

Let’s start with the dishonesty: [emphasis added]

“Now that Kimberly Guilfoyle is reportedly having sleepovers with Donald Trump Jr.,” Stasi writes, “she’s reporting on him, his father, his father’s sex scandals, and the Mueller investigation, what Fox News — that fair and balanced network — should do is bust her down to courtroom reporter. Or fire her.”

Stasi is looking for a two-fer here: to smear Fox News for employing a “reporter” with a  conflict of interest, and to get Guilfoyle fired.

But anyone familiar with Guilfoyle’s role on Fox — or interested enough in journalistic ethics to use The Google — can easily find Guilfoyle’s Fox News biography, where a quick word search (control +F, for the Stasi-impaired) reveals that the words “reporter” and “journalist” appear nowhere.

Guilfoyle is not a reporter secretly sleeping with a source (which is a-okay with the establishment media), she is an opinion commentator in a personal relationship that is not a secret.

Oddly enough, though, while Stasi appears unable to grasp the stark difference between reporter and pundit, she is intimately knowledgeable of Guilfoyle’s personal love life, and this is where Stasi starts the scratching and hair pulling:

Meantime, what’s up with Guilfoyle? She gives a whole new meaning to smart women making foolish choices.

She grabs these inappropriate men so fast after they leave their wives that they probably don’t even have time to close down their Ashley Madison accounts and fire up Tinder.

First, there were reports that she and Anthony Scaramucci (who looks like Jr.’s separated-at-birth brother) were an item about four seconds after he and his wife split. They denied it. Now she’s having sleepovers with the dumbest Trump.

Jeez, if she lived in Boca, she’d be showing up at the widower’s house with a casserole before the dead wife was even in the ground.

Keep in mind that all that hissing and clawing is a smokescreen, is based on nothing, is based on only two men (Scaramucci and Don Jr.), and Stasi is not even sure about Scaramucci.

And now we get to the racist stereotypes: Stasi telling a Puerto Rican woman to know her place, to go pick some grapes.

“Thing is, Guilfoyle is an otherwise brilliant woman. When it comes to picking men, though, she’d be better off picking grapes,” Stasi writes.

Not that anyone on the political left is ever held accountable for racism hurled at those on the right (most especially those seen as apostates, like Guilfoyle, who as a woman and racial minority must be made an example of), but Stasi cannot claim ignorance of Guilfoyle’s Puerto Rican heritage.

Anyone as obsessed with Guilfoyle’s love life as Stasi knows Guilfoyle was San Francisco’s first “Latina” First Lady.

Stasi also make a lot of tired jokes about Don Jr. being dumb, which must really hurt coming from a moral illiterate who gets off on publicly smearing the victims of domestic terrorism.

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