CNN’s Brian Stelter: MSM Must Discuss How Much Trump Immigration Policies ‘Fueled By Racism’


CNN media reporter Brian Stelter said on Tuesday that his fellow mainstream media members must talk about how much President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are “fueled by racism” if Trump wants to make the 2018 midterm elections about immigration.

“If he’s going to spend the next five months talking about immigration, it’s incumbent on us to talk about racism and how much of this is fueled by racism,” Stelter said on CNN while discussing the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” enforcement policy at the border.

Stelter has spent months trying to question Trump’s mental fitness, devoting multiple segments of his Sunday Reliable Sources show to the topic and even once asking, “Is he suffering from some kind of illness? Is he fit for office? And if he’s unfit, then what?”

But questions about Trump’s fitness for office never really stuck no matter how many times Stelter had Carl Bernstein on his show.

Now, it appears that Stelter is moving on from questioning Trump’s mental fitness to the left’s favorite line of attack—straight up accusations of racism.

Stelter’s network has also been accusing the Trump administration this week of “child abuse,” with CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny badgering White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday about whether the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” enforcement policy is actually “child abuse.”


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