Nolte: Maxine Waters, Leftist Bullies, and Their Media Enablers Want to Disarm Us

U.S. Representative Maxine Waters holds up a package 07 October similiar to those that she claims held crack cocaine that was sold on the streets of South Central Los Angeles by CIA operatives to finance the Contra rebels in Nicaragua in the 1980's. Waters presented documentation to the press at …

Democrat icon Maxine Waters, all of the establishment media, and the organized left have finally gone the full-CNN, have finally and forever seized the lead taken by Jeff Zucker’s hate network, and are now openly encouraging, fomenting, and encouraging mob justice against those of us on the right. And we must never forget that these are the very same people who want to disarm us, to makes us helpless, to ensure we are defenseless.

Only the willfully blind will fail to see the connection.

Look around. Look at the border hoax the media have ginned up over the past 10 days, a hoax using fraudulent photographs as a means to incite mob justice over the perfectly reasonable and humane policy of separating  illegal adults and children; a policy Barack Obama practiced for every one of his eight years — eight years where no one in the media said a thing.

Look around. High-profile elected officials like Maxine Waters (D-CA) are openly and publicly whipping up mobs, ordering them to go after Trump officials spotted in public.

“You push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere,” she shrieked to wild applause.

Maxine Waters wants to disarm us.

And that applause did not end at the confines of her specific event. Cory Booker, a United States Senator with presidential ambitions, not only refused to condemn Waters, he characterized her brand of mob justice as “love.”

Cory Booker wants to disarm us.

NBC News is now labeling every one of Trump’s supporters, roughly 45 percent of the American population, as “Nazis.” MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch did not use “Nazi” as a euphemism. He used it literally, and no one on the Morning Joe roundtable did anything other than nod in agreement, no one anywhere in the media condemned it.

When you smear someone as a Nazi, that is a de facto call for murder and violence.

NBC News wants to disarm us.

Hate mobs are harassing, bullying, menacing, and even spitting on public officials like White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson (all women, by the way).

Meanwhile, the establishment media are either openly condoning, approving,  and encouraging these mobs, or actively attempting to justify them.

Not only that, it was the media’s fire hose of fake news, the media spreading proven hoaxes that inspired these mobs in the first place.

These hate mobs and the media that created them want to disarm us.

Dead smack in the era or #MeToo, a member of Hollywood royalty (Peter Fonda) called on a mob to kidnap the president’s 11-year-old son to have him gang-raped; he called on a mob to sexually humiliate and denigrate two female members of the Trump administration. Hollywood said nothing. Twitter did nothing, and the media hardly stirred.

Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and the media wants to disarm us.

Ever since Jeff Zucker took over the reins, the far-left CNN has become a venomous hate machine against the political right, and most especially Trump supporters. CNN has *takes deep breath*ginned up violence against George Zimmerman, against cops in Baltimore; CNN has openly called for riots in the streets, openly fantasized about Trumps’ assassination, made folk heroes of those who tried to commit violence against Trump, pointed what looks like a sniper scope at the Oval Office, stood by in silent approval as a rape victim was booed for her political beliefs.

CNN spreads conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory to demonize their political opponents on the right, and regularly characterizes Republicans as racists and our sitting president as mentally ill.

CNN wants to disarm us.

The political left, the establishment media, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley have time and again proved  they are not only comfortable with mob justice, but ready and eager to practice it. This includes horrific acts of violence against women and children.

The justification for this violence is nothing less than Trump practicing the exact same border separation policies practice by his predecessors. Which means that this current  cycle of rage has nothing to do with The Children.

What the left and the media are doing is testing us, testing how far they can go, how much we will take, how ugly they can get. They are also hoping to normalize this violent behavior in the eyes of the public, they want us to get us used to it, to see it as the status quo.

The left cannot win at the ballot box, their media no longer have the power to persuade, their elected officials are completely out of ideas (other than socialism) — and so they now turn to violence.

And they want to disarm us.

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