Nolte — Media’s Omarosa Hypocrisy: ‘Dog’ Unthinkable, ‘C*nt’ Okay

Omarosa Manigault-Newman and Ivanka Trump.
Brendan Smialowski/AFP/Getty, Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards

Just weeks after the establishment media refused to condemn the use of the word “cunt” to describe a female White House staffer, these same establishment media are feigning outrage over President Trump’s use of the word “dog” to describe fired White House staffer Omarosa Manigault.

Which only proves once again just what a sorry bunch of hypocrites and liars the media are.

As we have all seen over the last few years, ever since Trump arrived on the political scene, the media have worked overtime to destroy all kinds of norms regarding civil discourse in America. A new low was hit Monday when the far-left CNN encouraged violence against Trump supporters as a “moral” act.

But the media’s denigration of standards when it comes to treatment of women — okay, Republican women — has been just as shocking.

When you compare the way in which the media’s confederates in the anti-Trump Resistance have trashed Republican women to an insult as silly as “dog,” all you can do is point and laugh at the media’s Well I Never! faux outrage.

CNN facilitated a mob booing a rape victim. No joke. CNN facilitated the public shaming of a rape victim.

As America’s Vice Principal of Decency, Jake Tapper, stood in silent approval, his own audience booed a rape victim because she purchased a firearm to protect herself from future sexual assaults.

And yet…

We are now are on day two of the “boo-a-rape-victim” media pretending Rome is burning over the word… “dog.”

Back in May, Jake Tapper’s pal, TBS late night comedienne Samantha Bee, used her television show to trash female White House staffer Ivanka Trump as a “cunt,” and no one in the media called for there to be any sort of professional consequences.

This is probably because the media’s spirit animal when it comes to all things right and wrong, Mr. Jon Stewart, defended Bee calling Ivanka a “cunt,” as did many media favorites in Hollywood.

And yet…

We are now are on day two of the “boo-cunt” media pretending Rome is burning over the word… “dog.”

Oh, and did I miss the media’s call for professional consequences when actor Peter Fonda used the word “gash” to describe White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen… and then explained that “gash” is “much worse than cunt“?

And yet…

We are now are on day two of the “boo-cunt-cunt-gash” media pretending Rome is burning over the word… “dog.”

And then there is the media’s even sillier argument that calling Omarosa a dog is racist and sexist, even though Trump has called about a dozen white men dogs — including the whitest man ever, Mitt Romney.

Shouldn’t there be some sort of Google requirement before publishing words like “sexist” and “racist”?

Which brings me to the knee-slapping media argument that Trump’s “de-humanizing” use of the word “dog” is beneath the office of the presidency — which is true. I agree with that.


When this argument comes from the same elite media that just vigorously defended unrepentant racist Sarah Jeong, a monstrous bigot who traffics in de-humanizing racism, I am afraid your moral authority and legitimacy to ever lecture anyone about anything ever again has been revoked.

Look around. We now live in a world where the media champion elevating racial supremacists like Jeong to the New York Times editorial board, where the media are just fine with “cunt-cunt-gash,” and where the media stand silent as their own audience boos rape victims.

The “boo-cunt-cunt-gash-cockholster-Nazi” media need to sit down.


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