Delingpole: ‘Pimples Are In!’ Guardian Alleges Existence of ‘Acne Positivity’ Movement

Portrait of upset woman looking in hand mirror. (Photo by George Marks/Retrofile/Getty Images)
George Marks/Retrofile/Getty

The Guardian has a new, made-up virtual-signalling trend to tell us about.

Thank goodness nobody actual reads the Guardian any more because otherwise, I imagine, quite a few people would have been put off their hemp-milk porridge breakfasts.

According to the article, spots are suddenly cool, with everyone from Justin Bieber and Lorde to top fashion models celebrating them:

The niceness seems to be spreading. Last year, the photographer and activist Peter DeVito was surprised to find the supermodel Cara Delevingne had reposted a picture of the words “Acne is normal” emblazoned across his acne-marked face. He had recently come to the conclusion that “it was dumb to retouch an image [on social media] for hours, just to post it where people would forget about it in minutes”. These days, he says: “It makes me happy when people accept themselves for the way they look and learn to stop comparing themselves to other people on social media all the time.”


Others have followed, including the Colorado Instagrammer Hailey Wait and the British beauty blogger Kadeeja Khan, as well as a host of celebrities – from Kylie Jenner promoting her favourite spot treatment to Justin Bieber’s Instagram post that claimed “Pimples are in” and Lorde’s sardonic replies to people giving her unsolicited skincare advice. Last year, Teen Vogue launched the inaugural Acne awards.

Actually no. Just no.

Acne is God’s way of telling teenagers to skulk harmlessly in their bedrooms, rather than emerging into the sun to bother us with their whiny neediness and their ineffably tedious woke politics.

Please don’t let’s give them any funny ideas to the contrary.


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