Nolte: CNN Fantasizes About Roger Stone Getting Raped in Prison… Again

Combo photo with CNN building and Roger Stone

CNN again publicly fantasized about that “dandy” Roger Stone getting raped in prison.

This time, it was David Gergen, one of the far-left network’s ancient analysts, who has not said anything interesting or insightful in decades. His job is to pretend to be a Republican and then bash Republicans in the way his media masters demand.

Stone, a longtime Trump supporter, is now in some legal jeopardy over an Instagram post that apparently violated a judge’s gag order. One possible outcome is the revocation of his bail, which would find Stone cooling his heels in prison until his trial date. Stone was indicted last month by special counsel Robert Mueller for a process crime.

Upon hearing the news of a possible bail revocation Tuesday afternoon, Gergen’s mind immediately turned to sodomy, the forced sodomy of that “dandy” Roger Stone.

“Roger Stone must also worry that if he goes there — you know, he’s seen as something of a dandy — will he be physically safe? Will he be subject to rape?” Gergen said. “I mean, there must be a lot of things are going through his mind.”

This is the second time a CNN leftist has planted the seed of Stone’s prison rape in the public’s mind.

Late last month, CNN anchor and anti-Trump activist Jake Tapper, in an obvious reference to prison rape, said Stone “might like” prison.

“No one’s going to cry if Roger Stone goes to jail or when he goes to jail,” former Obama adviser Jen Psaki said of Stone.

“He might like it,” quipped Tapper.

Psaki laughed and added, “He might. Who knows?”

And this is not the first time Tapper has viewed the horror of rape through a partisan prism. Last year, while hosting an anti-gun town hall, Tapper offered only silent approval as his audience booed a rape victim.

And it is not only CNN doing it. John Podhoretz, a Never Trumper and frequent MSNBC guest, also spread the idea of Stone enjoying a good, old-fashioned prison rape.

“The thing is,” Podhoretz gleefully wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “given his proclivities, Stone would enjoy prison.”

Worse than openly fantasizing or joking about a 66-year-old man getting raped in prison, though, there is the wish-casting. The seething hatred that emanates from Tapper, Gergen, Podhoretz, and their left-wing confederates throughout the political and media establishment is no secret, nor is it hidden.

And now, here they are, not only openly delighting in the idea of “dandy” Roger Stone getting raped; I would go even further to argue the intent here is to plant a seed, to float the idea into the ether. The suggestion is obvious, is it not? Stone’s got it coming, which means raping him would be a virtuous act, would be a just act that would earn the admiration of America’s political media elites…

Tell me again how the media are not the enemy of the people. 

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