Mark Levin Mocks Media, Democrats for Newfound ‘Federalism’

Radio talk show host Mark Levin is nominated for the National Radio Hall of Fame.
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Conservative radio host Mark Levin mocked Democrats and the White House Press Corps on Tuesday for their newfound interest in federalism, after they attacked President Donald Trump for believing he had the authority to re-open the economy.

On Facebook and on his radio show, Levin pointed out that Democrats — and journalists — tended to celebrate the power of states and cities only when a Republican was president, but abhor the Tenth Amendment when a Democrat was president.

He noted in particular that former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies — which Obama himself had said for years were impossible to enact by executive fiat — usurped legislative power from Congress.

(Obama had said he was not a “king” who could merely create amnesty for illegal aliens — then, after losing control of the Senate in 2014, did so anyway.)

Levin noted on Facebook, in a post titled “Monarchy“:

It’s nice to know that Cuomo and his fellow leftists don’t support a monarchy. I think it was about 15 minutes ago that they demanded that the President nationalize various companies, institute a nationwide shelter-in-place order, spend trillions of dollars nationalizing the state governments’ debt, appoint a high-ranking general in charge of all supply decisions, etc., etc.

Indeed, it is President Trump who has been careful and prudential in his exercise of federal authority, for which these same fools relentlessly attacked him, and who abandoned the Constitution long ago.

As Breitbart News noted on Tuesday, the White House Press Corps demanded for days that the president use executive authority to shut down the national economy — then claimed on Monday that he did not have the power to re-open it.

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