VIDEO: Project Veritas Confronts CNN’s Brian Stelter About Staff Reporting Network’s Left-Wing Bias

A Project Veritas correspondent confronted CNN’s Brian Stelter this week over a series of undercover exposes that the organization released about the network.

The undercover videos showed a Project Veritas correspondent sitting down with a director at CNN, who discussed how his employer manipulates its coverage to fit its left-wing bias.

“Fear sells,” the employee said.

Another Project Veritas correspondent could be seen in the video asking Stelter if the employee in question, CNN technical director Charlie Chester, is still employed by the company.

“I feel really bad for you,” Stelter replied.

The correspondent then asked Stelter if he employs the use of “propaganda” or reports news outside of what CNN President Jeff Zucker allegedly tells him to report.

“Are you a journalist?” the correspondent asked Stelter. “Are you able to report anything that’s not directly handed down from…?”

“I report whatever I want,” Stelter said as he appeared to grow upset. “You need to leave.”

At that point, a maintenance manager walked in and asked the Project Veritas staffer to leave.

Project Veritas posted a series of explosive videos this week showing CNN technical director Charlie Chester bragging that CNN was key in defeating former President Donald Trump, alleging that the network used the coronavirus pandemic to boost ratings and called CNN “propaganda.”

The controversial group previously released what it claims to be hidden video of politicians, media figures, and members of private political organizations making statements while the subjects are unaware that they are being recorded.


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