Joy Reid: ‘Doesn’t Make Sense to Me’ Why FNC Anchors ‘Want to Kill Their Own Viewers’ with Vaccine Rhetoric

Monday on CBS’s “The Late Show,” MSNBC host Joy Reid questioned why Fox News anchors “want to kill their own viewers” by pushing anti-vaccine rhetoric.

Host Stephen Colbert, without naming anyone in particular, asked Reid for her reaction to anchors on other networks questioning the validity of the vaccine.

Reid said it “doesn’t make sense” why the people at Fox would want their audience to die when they “shoved little old ladies out of the way to get their vaccines first.”

“When you see other anchors on different networks questioning whether vaccines are good or bad for you and not revealing whether they’ve been vaccinated, do you have any particular reaction to that?” Colbert asked.

“Number one, it doesn’t make sense to me why folks at that particular network, which I think we all know who we mean, would want to kill their own viewers,” Reid replied.

“Their viewers are older. Their viewers are more susceptible to COVID. And I don’t understand what the point is of killing them because everyone on air at Fox has been vaccinated,” she added. “I would put any money on it. They were vaccinated first. I’m sure they shoved little old ladies out of the way to get their vaccines first. They’re all vaccinated. They’re living in remote cabins. … They’re all vaccinated. And so, if they’re telling you not to do it, you have to ask yourself why they don’t care about you when you’re their base. And again, the people who are saying this, what is in it for them for their own people to die?”

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