Nolte: Fake Corona Hysteria Explained — CNNLOL Ratings Crash to 706,000 Average Viewers

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If you want to know why the fake media are using anti-science hysteria to pretend the pandemic is back, all you need to do is look at CNN’s catastrophic viewership numbers.

CNNLOL, a far-left propaganda outlet that spreads conspiracy theories and encourages political violence against conservatives, is experiencing a ratings crash unlike any I’ve seen before, including the pre-Trump era when CNNLOL was in deep, deep trouble.

For the full week of July 26, CNNLOL attracted an average of just 706,000 viewers during its primetime hours.

For context, a million average viewers is considered the bottom, and as of right now, CNNLOL is closer to 500,000 average viewers than a million average viewers.

Here’s more context. Here’s the primetime total-viewer average for all three cable news outlets…

  • Fox News: 1.986 million
  • MSNBC: 1.127 million
  • CNNLOL: 706,000

Although it’s a useless number when it comes to influence and popularity, to save face, CNNLOL likes to brag about its viewership in the 25-54 age demo, where it frequently tops MSNBC, but rarely Fox. Well, those days are long over. Here’s the primetime 25-54 average:

  • Fox News: 272,000
  • MSNBC: 157,000
  • CNNLOL: 150,000

These are dreadful numbers for both MSNBC and CNNLOL, numbers that directly affect advertising rates.

CNNLOL averaged only 558,000 viewers during the full day, which is deliciously close to a cable access show. Here’s the full breakdown of total average viewers throughout the full day…

  • Fox News: 1.129 million
  • MSNBC: 751,000
  • CNNLOL: 558,000

And here’s the 25-54 average demo breakdown for the total day:

  • Fox News: 170,000
  • MSNBC: 99,000
  • CNNLOL: 110,000

For context, 100,000 demo viewers is considered the bottom, and MSNBC is under that metric, and CNNLOL is romantically close.

For an idea of how awful individual CNNLOL programs are doing, here’s the breakdown from Tuesday, August 3, the most recent day available.

Total Viewers and Demo Viewers:

  • 4 p.m. — Jake “The Fake News” Tapper: 777,000 — 154,000
  • 5 p.m. — Wolf Blitzer: 816,000 — 217,000
  • 6 p.m. — Wolf Blitzer: 684,000 — 198,000
  • 7 p.m. — Erin Burnett: 682,000 — 179,000
  • 8 p.m. — Anderson Cooper: 733,000 – 165,000
  • 9 p.m. Fredo Cuomo: 930,000 – 229,000
  • 10 p.m. – Credibly Accused Sexual Assaulter Don Lemon: 672,000 – 165,000

You can see why, despite the wreckage he’s doing to CNNLOL’s already devastated reputation, the fake outlet refuses to take Fredo off the air. He’s all they got. And look at serial liar Jake Tapper. He’s not able to attract even half as many viewers as that loser Neal Cavuto (1.527 million – 291,000) over at Fox News.

On that same day at Fox News…

  • The Five (2.75 million) attracted four times as many viewers as Wolf Blitzer.
  • Special Report nearly beat Wolf’s second hour times three with 1.783 million viewers.
  • Primetime nearly beat Erin Burnett times three with 1.653 million viewers.
  • Tucker Carlson nearly beat Anderson Cooper times four with 2.923 million viewers.
  • Sean Hannity more than doubled Fredo, with 2.389 million viewers.
  • Laura Ingraham more than tripled Don Lemon with 2.055 million viewers.
  • Greg Gutfeld’s late-night show also tripled Lemon’s second hour with 1.581 million viewers.

If CNNLOL’s numbers look this bad, imagine how bad the numbers are over at the far-left Washington Post and all the others…

This is why the media are ginning up anti-science hysteria about the coronavirus. It’s all about the clicks and eyeballs. Their only hope to recover is to launch a fear campaign, even though, as Breitbart News has tirelessly made clear, the CDC numbers surrounding all this hysteria in no way justify any of it.

Of course, it’s also political, all about 2022, but it’s the click, click, clicks, as well. These monsters are seeing their credibility take a swan dive along with their customer base, so the Fake Fear Machine has been turned up to 11.


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