Nolte: 66% of Democrats Are Anti-Science Mask Nazis

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi speaks during her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Those who require more proof that Democrats have zero respect for science and math need only look at the latest polling from Rasmussen. A full 66 percent of these lunatics believe the vaccinated should be REQUIRED to wear a mask in public.

“Should people be required to wear masks in public places even if they’ve been vaccinated for COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus]?” the pollster asked. Sixty-six percent of Democrats said yes.

Reminder: these are the very same people who assure us Climate Change is real.

Overall, 45 percent of those polled said yes to a mask mandate, and 46 percent said no. However, only 26 percent of Republicans said yes, while 66 percent said no. Of the unaffiliated, 39 percent said yes, 52 percent said no.

Of course, those 66 percent of Democrats will argue that the far left CDCLOL also says the vaccinated should wear masks in public. Well, the CDCLOL’s very own math doesn’t even begin to justify the CDCLOL’s own masking policy…

  • More than 163 million Americans are fully vaccinated.
  • Of those 163 million who are fully vaccinated, only 6,239 have been hospitalized with the China Flu.
  • Of those 163 million who are vaccinated, only 1,263 have died.
  • Of the vaccinated who have been seriously ill or died, 74 percent are over 65.
  • Among the vaccinated, only 1 out of 26,125 have gotten seriously ill.
  • Among the vaccinated, only 1 in 129,000 have died.
  • Do you have any idea how small those numbers are? Imagine how small they are for those under 65.
  • For context, as far as living with risk, your chances of dying in a car accident this year are 1 in 8400.
  • Your odds of dying crossing the street this year are 1 in 43,000.

Do you think Barry Obama’s worried about breakthrough infections with his upcoming 60th birthday bash at Martha’s Vineyard? Hell, the fact alone that his 500 person party is taking place on Martha’s Vineyard proves he’s also not worried about Climate Change flooding his multi-million dollar, ocean-side mansion.

Mask Nazi Nancy Pelosi’s running around without a mask.

The Mask Nazi Mayor of DC’s running around without a mask.

The Mask Nazi Mayor of Chicago is fine with Lollapalooza.

But the rules don’t apply to them, only to us, to the little people. And 66 percent of Democrat voters are just fine with that.

There is no way in Hell I’m wearing a mask again. You can kick me out. You can call the cops. You can drink my liquor from an old fruit jar. But I’m not wearing a mask. I’m vaccinated; the CDCLOL’s own math proves I’m safer among the unvaccinated than in a car or crossing the street… No more masks, you fascist bullies… You anti-science cult…

If you want to preen your virtue with a filthy piece of cloth strapped across your smug face, knock yourself out. That’s your choice. I’m done. Thanks to Trump and his vaccine, this pandemic is over for me.

P.S. Climate Change is a hoax. 


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