10 Years: Watch the Legacy of Andrew Breitbart All-Star Tribute

Ten years ago, today, we lost a giant: Andrew Breitbart.  He was a visionary.  We could go on and on about how Andrew was ahead of his time—about how he saw, over a decade ago, what we are seeing play out today in culture, media, and politics.  We could talk about how many people he influenced in the conservative movement and how he taught those people how to enjoy the fight and how to fight to win—how to “walk toward the fire” as he would always say.  Andrew was about something bigger than himself.  He was about the movement as a whole.

But don’t take our word for it. WATCH the entire tribute above: LEGACY: Andrew Breitbart in his own words and those who honor him.

IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE (Individual Tributes)

  1. Clarence Thomas
  2. Marco Rubio
  3. Kristi Noem
  4. Tucker Carlson
  5. Mark Levin
  6. Donald J. Trump
  7. Jesse Watters
  8. Candace Owens
  9. Dennis Miller
  10. Peter Schweizer
  11. Jeffrey Steele
  12. Jon Voight
  13. James O’Keefe
  14. Ben Shapiro
  15. Ron DeSantis
  16. Robert Davi
  17. Megyn Kelly
  18. Nigel Farage
  19. Jerome Hudson
  20. Steven Crowder
  21. Newt Gingrich
  22. Mike Pence
  23. Sean Hannity
  24. Steve Bannon
  25. Nikki Haley
  26. Pete Hegseth
  27. Joel Pollak
  28. Alex Marlow
  29. Tom Cotton
  30. Michael Savage
  31. Katie Pavlich
  32. David Webb
  33. Kevin McCarthy
  34. Dennis Prager
  35. Greg Abbott
  36. Brandon Darby
  37. Dana Loesch
  38. Charlie Kirk
  39. Donald Trump Jr.
  40. Matt Boyle
  41. Mike Pompeo
  42. Sebastian Gorka
  43. Greg Gutfeld
  44. Kristy Swanson
  45. John Ondrasik
  46. Ted Cruz
  47. Mike Huckabee
  48. Ric Grenell
  49. Rand Paul
  50. Charlie Hurt
  51. Jeanine Pirro
  52. Sean Spicer
  53. Glenn Beck
  54. Marsha Blackburn
  55. Scott Walker
  56. Larry Elder
  57. John Nolte
  58. Sarah Palin
  59. American Heart by Jon Kahn


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