Nolte: More Fox News Leaks Prove Tucker Carlson Is Awesome

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More leaks coming out of Fox News to the far-left Media Matters prove Tucker Carlson is awesome.

Since Fox News took Carlson off the air last week (he’s still officially employed), the hit squad at Media Matters has enjoyed all kinds of leaks from Fox. Could it be that Fox is once again betraying its viewers? Instead of calling Arizona early, is Fox doing business with Media Matters?

Well, after learning Donald Trump is betraying his followers by doing business with CNN, everything feels possible.

Media Matters released its first set of videos on Monday, proving Carlson is awesome. He’s seen on video railing against how awful the Fox Nation site is, something many people agree with. I wouldn’t know. I don’t subscribe to Fox Nation because Fox News sucks.

“The site sucks,” Carlson says of his employer’s website, as though speaking the truth about your employer will be seen by Tucker’s following as disqualifying.

A new set of leaks came down on Tuesday, which are even better (if you are Tucker Carlson). Media Matters describes the videos as “creepy,” but I think anyone with even a tiny sense of humor will disagree.

In the first video, Carlson and an off-camera Piers Morgan joke about doing an interview about his sexual technique. Trigger warning, if you are one of America’s dried-up, uptight, joyless prudes:

MORGAN: It’s just great to have you on my show. I mean, I’ve been on yours enough times. It’s great.

CARLSON: I think it’s totally cool. So let’s—if we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique, but, you know, but it’s your show. It’s totally up to you.

MORGAN: We can certainly talk about your sexual technique, especially after your tanning testicles last week.

CARLSON: Not mine! We’ll speak in more general terms, but I’ve got something to add.

That’s called male bonding.

In the second leaked video, Carlson speaks to someone off camera and then describes someone’s girlfriend as—brace yourselves—”yummy.”

“I will say, I thought his girlfriend was kind of yummy,” Carlson says. Then he looks at the camera with mock panic: “I’m just kidding, just kidding, in case this is being pulled off the bird [satellite].”

Well aware the anti-fun Nazis at Media Matters monitor everything, including satellite feeds, Carlson addresses them directly.

“Hey, Media Matters for America, go fuck yourself. That’s the first thing I want to say tonight. The second thing is, totally kidding… I don’t even know what his girlfriend looks like. And if I did, I would not find her yummy.”

Here’s a clip of the best part:

In the third and final clip (at least for now), Tucker tells someone off-camera, “I can never assess my appearance. I wait for my postmenopausal fans to weigh in on that.”

Then he mocks that famous Bill O’Reilly video by shouting, “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!”

Assuming Fox News is behind this—or someone at Fox News—is this the worst they got? This is it? Nothing here comes off as anything other than a guy with a sense of humor enjoying life. He sounds like a blast to work with, especially if you have a yummy girlfriend.

Right now, Fox’s primary dilemma is that they fired a guy who can take his audience with him, the one guy who can harm their viewership. But all these leaks have accomplished so far is to prove that Carlson is the guy we all thought he was. He’s cool and funny. He’s one of the guys. All these leaks do is burnish his image, which increases the amount of damage he can do to Fox News.

I know Fox News sees itself as invincible, and for a good reason, but 1) firing Carlson was stupid and 2) being seen as climbing into bed and spooning with Media Matters is no way for Fox to hold on to its base of support.

I wonder if Bud Light and Fox News share the same crisis team.

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