Nolte: Disgraced Rolling Stone Forced to Issue Humiliating ‘Nazi/DeSantis’ Correction

Christopher "Hammer" Pohlhaus (R) leads a rally with neo-Nazi groups Blood Tribe
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The fake news merchants at Rolling Stone were forced to issue a humiliating correction about a group of neo-Nazis in Florida.

Over the weekend, a group of neo-Nazis gathered outside Orlando, Florida, to do whatever these left-wing* idiots do when they gather (it looked to me like they were aping a WWE press conference). Most wore masks. A few didn’t. It’s all so dumb.

In its original report published Sunday, Rolling Stone lied to its readers about how these Nazis were out to support Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL). DeSantis is currently running for president, and establishment toadies like Rolling Stone hate him as much as former President Trump.

This is from the original article:

Some of the marchers individually expressed their distaste for Donald Trump, saying they prefer Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. When right-wing figure Laura Loomer appeared at the march, recording the Neo-Nazis with her cell phone, the crowd began to chant “faggot, faggot” in her direction. Loomer explained she was at the rally because she was getting her hair done nearby.

Members of the group in California also bashed Trump, with one saying of the former president, “He’s a pussy. He didn’t do anything he said he was going to do. And if you vote for him again, he gets in, he’s not going to do anything. He married all of his kids off to Jews.”

“We’re Ron DeSantis supporters,” another marcher said. “We like Ron DeSantis.”

Via its Twitter feed, the liars at Rolling Stone even made the DeSantis lie its lead…


That’s not all this Nazi said. The video proved he was being sarcastic in his support and went on to disparage DeSantis.

“You’re joking when you say DeSantis, right?” a reporter asked.

“Ron DeSantis is a joke. Ron DeSantis is a joke,” the Nazi answered.

The result…?

Far-left Rolling Stone was forced to issue a correction and delete the tweet:

UPDATE 9/4/23 11:52pm: The original version of this article quoted a marcher as saying, “We’re all DeSantis supporters!” without including his second remark, “Fuck Ron DeSantis! Ron DeSantis is a joke. Ron DeSantis is a joke.” The story has been updated.

Also left out of the Rolling Stone fairytale was a group of these Nazis expressing support for His Fraudulency Joe Biden because of Biden’s support for Ukraine:

Christopher Pohlhaus, a former Marine spoke on behalf of “Blood Tribe” and another “neo-Nazi” group that calls itself the “Goyim Defense League” that joined his group for the march.

“There’s a presidential race going on right now, are you gonna vote in 2024?” Pohlhaus was asked during his rant.

“My vote is useless,” he declared. “I think Biden’s better than Trump because he sends rockets to Ukraine,” not an unusual opinion for a neo-Nazi to have considering the strong pro-Nazi sentiments that run deep in the wartorn Eastern European country.

Normally, Rolling Stone is hardly worth mentioning. The outlet is so shameless and discredited that it’s become a punchline, like CNN. Sometimes, though, it’s fun to point and laugh at the buffoonery.

This is also an important reminder not to believe everything Rolling Stone reports. This was a brazen and deliberate lie.

*Hitler was a socialist vegetarian and animal lover who confiscated guns and hated Jews. That’s as left-wing as it gets.

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