Hume: Questions of Obama's Ability to Govern Have Hit 'a Certain Critical Mass'

Hume: Questions of Obama's Ability to Govern Have Hit 'a Certain Critical Mass'

On Tuesday’s “Special Report,” Fox News senior political analyst explained why the unintentional revealing of the names of a CIA station chief has further eroded the public’s confidence in the Obama administration’s ability to govern.

“You know, this in political terms is damaging to the administration because it feeds into the question of whether the administration can in fact administer. We had first the fiasco with the rollout of the health care program. Now we’ve got the troubles at the VA, now this blunder by the White House press office itself. Think about this — this is an administration that is fond of telling us that he finds out about these things in the press. In this case, this was something that his press office put out and the mistake wasn’t noted until somebody in the press told him about it.”

“So, they found about this from the press all right after they put it out,” he continued. “That’s a high level of bungling I think it’s fair to say. And I think it just feeds into this whole narrative about whether the administration can really run anything. It’s certainly fair to say that given the size of the government that every administration is going to have some trouble in some agency somewhere. I mean, think George W. Bush and his problems with FEMA and Hurricane Katrina. That was kind of an epic at the time. And this administration, I think, it’s getting to a certain critical mass, people are going to say, ‘These people don’t know what they are doing and they are not finding out.’”

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