Sessions: Exec Amnesty Will Create ‘Tidal Wave of New Illegality’

Sessions: Exec Amnesty Will Create ‘Tidal Wave of New Illegality’

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) argued that President Obama’s executive order on immigration would create “a tidal wave of new illegality in the future” and was “a breathtaking overreach of monumental proportions” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Sessions said “[Congress] rejected explicitly more than one time the efforts that President Obama has opposed to create an amnesty here. Make no mistake, this is 5 million people being given amnesty that Congress rejected, that the American people have rejected, that will pull down the wages of working Americans, will make jobs harder for them to find, and will create a system in the future that will invite more people to come unlawfully, and really include, as one officer said a tidal wave of new illegality in the future. It’s a dramatic unlawful act that will do great damage to America.”

He added, “I used to serve in the executive branch of the United States government, and enforce the laws, [the executive branch] is compelled to enforce the laws of the United States. Congress makes the laws. What the president did in this order is said ‘I am not enforcing the laws that you have passed, and indeed I’m going further. I’m going to give work permits, Social Security numbers to millions of people who Congress said cannot work in America. It’s really a breathtaking overreach of monumental proportions.”

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