CA DA Slams Jon Stewart ‘Misstating Facts’ During Sloppy Report

CA DA Slams Jon Stewart ‘Misstating Facts’ During Sloppy Report

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record With Greta van Susteren,” San Bernardino, CA District Attorney Mike Ramos took Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart to task accusing him of getting his facts totally wrong when on his show this week, Stewart included the Dante Parker case in his list of incidents of police brutality across the nation.

In a video statement, Van Susteren ran before the interview Ramos said, “He was so wrong about those facts. They did not shoot him. they tasered him after he committed a burglary and he was attempting to assault a deputy sheriff. A sheriff who was losing that struggle and fighting for her life.”

When Van Susteren asked about the Twitter apology “The Daily Show” put out this evening Ramos replied, “Well, I haven’t gotten a phone call apology and I’m waiting — I will wait until Monday to see what the real apology is. He talked about a bigger picture. The bigger picture for me is the men and women of the honorable profession of law enforcement and how they are being attacked in this time period in the United States of America.”

He added, “I think facts absolutely matter. I think you and I come from a legal profession and you know, especially on a television show like that that has millions of viewers, when you use a brush like that and misstate facts, it can create problems and issues. I mean, the deputy sheriffs that handled that case in San Bernardino county were very professional. They were protecting others, protecting themselves. They even called for medical assistance for this individual who lost his life and overdose of PCP. He was not shot, so, to make those statements, it creates problems especially right now with what we are seeing across the country. Again, when are we going to start  talking about law enforcement officials and men and women that are really putting their lives on the line for us every day?” 

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