McCain: CIA Defenders ‘Re-writing History’

McCain: CIA Defenders ‘Re-writing History’

Senator John McCain (R-AZ) accused some of the defenders of the CIA’s interrogation tactics of “re-writing history” on Sunday’s “Face the Nation” on CBS.

He ascribed “a whole range of motives, from people who were so understandably alarmed and angered by the attacks of 9/11 that their first motivation is do whatever is necessary to make sure there’s never again a repetition and some revenge there, obviously, all of us felt that. Ranging to now, frankly, some re-writing of history because there were violations of the Geneva Conventions for the Treatment of Prisoners, there were violations of the Convention Against Torture which Ronald Reagan was a primary signatory of. And, I think in retrospect some of these practices fly in the face of everything that America values and stands for” to the defenders of the CIA.

McCain also defended the Senate publishing its report on the CIA’s practices because “we do things wrong, we make mistakes, we review those and we vow never to do them again,” and said that he would “dismiss” claims that publishing the report would increase the likelihood of terrorism.

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