Bill Kristol: Obama Set Race Relations Back

Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol argued that President Obama set race relations in the US back on Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

“President Obama and Eric Holder have done damage to race relations, I really am personally distressed about this…the one thing I did think honestly is that maybe he would sort of improve race relations. I think they were actually getting pretty good in America, honestly, after Bush. There weren’t that many racial incidents…there were African-Americans who were Secretary of State, a very high position in the land, obviously, and people thought, I think we were moving where we should have been moving as a society, but I thought maybe President Obama would kind of complete that movement, and he set it back and that’s bad for the country” Kristol stated.

On the murder of two New York City police officers over the weekend, he argued “the killer’s responsible,” but that “the killer did say that it was revenge for I guess, for these two incidents [the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner] and these two incidents have been distorted and hyped, pretty consciously, by people in the media like Al Sharpton, and, unfortunately by political leaders like [NYC Mayor Bill] de Blasio (D).” And that people he spoke to in New York were angry with de Blasio.

He also argued that New York City and state are run by Democrats, and that both President Obama and Attorney General Holder have the power to work to change law enforcement, so if protesters wanted to make changes they should lobby the people they voted for, and that the protests had “no practical public policy issue here.”

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