Shep Smith Gives Detailed Description of Horrific ISIS Video

Tuesday on Fox New Channel’s “Shepard Smith Reporting,” host Shepard Smith gave am emotional, over 10-minute long, description of the ISIS video of “terrorists burning a Jordanian military hero alive.”

Smith said, “We stayed with the news conference longer than should have frankly  because I was transcribing notes of what I saw on the video. We’re not going to show you the video. It’s 23 minutes plus the video. And it shows the terrorists burning a Jordanian military hero alive. I’m going to tell you about it, all of it, every bit of it. I watched it over the last hour, not because I wanted to. I absolutely did not. I watched it because I felt like those of you who would want to know what’s on it but don’t want to watch it or be subjected to some sort of gruesome descriptive adjectives can get the information. Most of the video is a buildup to the murder.”

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