Chapel Hill Victim’s Sister: ‘Insulting and Outrageous’ to Call Shooting ‘Parking Dispute’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” the sister of one of the Chapel Hill shooting victims, Dr. Suzanne Barakat said the murder of her brother, his wife, and sister-in-law by Craig Hicks was because they were Muslim, not over a parking dispute as law enforcement has said is the current leading theory in the investigation.

Barakat said, “I think it’s absolutely insulting, insensitive and outrageous that the first thing they come out and say, and issue a statement that this is a parking dispute. When I’m not sure who they spoke to, because it took me all of five minutes of talking to his former roommate who they had not reached out to give me details, information, text messages and to give you context. Each unit is assigned one parking spot and there are multiple visitors parking spots on the premises. From the first time they arrived having seen my mom who also wears the headscarf, they had been harassed.”

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