Kansas, Kansas State Involved in Chaotic Court Storming After Upset Victory

Unranked Kansas State Wildcats defeated their in-state rivals and number 8 team in the nation Kansas Jayhawks in basketball Monday night 70-63. After the game, Kansas State fans stormed the court in order to celebrate the win against their heated rivals and it became quite chaotic. Kansas assistant coach Kurtis Townsend appeared to handle a fan by putting him in a headlock, while other fans were seen jumping into Kansas players. In the video, one fan can be seen running across the court and slamming into Kansas forward Jamari Traylor, knocking him off-balance.

Bill Self believes that Kansas State should celebrate in a way that is safer for the players.

“That’s disappointing that happened again, but we also allowed it to happen again,” Bill Self said of the fans storming the court, which happened the year before when the Wildcats beat the Jayhawks last season.

“It’s a ballgame,” Self added. “It’s not about chicken-winging somebody when the game’s over. Hopefully, they can get that corrected. It’s fine if you want to celebrate when you beat us, that’s your business. That’s fine. But at least it shouldn’t put anybody at risk from a safety standpoint.”

Kansas State Coach Weber apologized for the events that took place after the win.

“I love the students, and it’s a cool thing to be part of that,” he said, “but you also have to be careful of making sure no one gets hurt.”

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