Author: Explain the US Constitution Like a Techie

Breitbart News interviewed Liz Long, author of “The Constitution: It’s the OS for the US,” at CPAC 2015. She explained how the Constitution (when operating properly) could be compared to a computer operating system that makes all of it’s parts and internal interactions understandable to people without legal degrees:

“If you think about it, the president is a lot like powerpoint. They have no power in and of themselves, but they are very good for explaining things and convincing people of their point of view. And when you look at the presidential veto, it’s like a firewall: it keeps bad things from ever getting into the code – our legal code is actually called a code just like the coding used on a computer program. And when you look at the supreme court, they can also declare a law to be unconstitutional and remove it from our legal – but that’s more like a virus protection, where something is already there where it may have caused problems or may not have caused problems, but it is already in the system and it has to be removed. So those are very different things, but it’s easy to understand, for most of us, the difference between a firewall and virus protection –  and we don’t necessarily understand the difference between a veto and the supreme court finding something unconstitutional in terms of the actual effects on the law.”

Last week on his show, Rush Limbaugh explained to his audience his attempt to reach out to techie millennials:

“This is why, if you must know, I spend so much time studying the tech blogs.   They are all young people, and I want to do everything I can to learn about them, ’cause I’m ultimately gonna try to get to ’em and persuade ’em.  I mean, they’re young.  Their minds are skulls full of mush.  They don’t think so, they don’t understand it, but they are.  Mine was when I was their age.  Not as much as theirs is ’cause I was way advanced.  But nevertheless, I still have to find a way to get to ’em.”

Is this the answer to his quandary?

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