Mayweather: I’m Enduring Same Level of Racism as Muhammad Ali

In a sit-down interview with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. responded to a follow-up question after he proclaimed to be a better boxer than Muhammad Ali asking about what Ali was able to accomplish despite what he endured out of the ring with racial tension.

Mayweather added that he has endured just as much as Ali, which surprised Stephen A. Smith.

“I’m going through the same thing in today’s time!” Mayweather said in the clip that aired on Monday’s broadcast of ESPN2’s “First Take.” “What are you talking about? You don’t think I deal with racism every day? You don’t think I go through this every day?  Guess what. It’s different because you know why? Everyone sees it now. Back then, only a certain few could see it. Now the world sees it. Now the world sees it. Whatever goes on, the world sees it.”

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