Hillary Takes Questions, Asks State Dept To Release Her Emails

Tuesday in Cedar Falls, IA after a small campaign event, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, a 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, took a few questions from the press after avoiding the media for nearly a month.

Responses as follows:

On Iraq, Clinton said, “I  know there’s been a lot of questions posed to candidates over the last week. I made it clear i made a mistake, plain and simple. I have written about it in my book, talked about it in the past. what we now see is a very different and dangerous situation. The United States is doing what it can. ultimately, this has to be a struggle the Iraqi government and Iraqi people are determined to win for themselves. we can provide support, but their going to have to do it.”

On her wealth acquired since her husband Bill Clinton left the White House, Clinton said, “Obviously Bill and I have been blessed and very grateful for opportunities we’ve had. We’ve never forgotten where we came from and never forgotten the kind of country we want to see for our granddaughter. That means we’re going to fight to make sure everybody has the same changes to live up to his or her own God given potential. I think most most Americans understand the deck is stacked for those at top. I am running a campaign that is clearly stating we want to reshuffle that deck. We want to get back to more opportunities for more people so thick they can make more out of their own lives. I think that’s is exactly what America is looking for.”

On her relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton said, “I have many, many old friends. I think it’s important,when you get into politics to the have friends before you got into politics and understand what is on their minds. He’s been a friend for a long time. He sent me emails, I passed on in some instances. That just part of the give and take. When you are in the public eye and in an official position I think you do have to work to make sure you are not caught in a bubble. You have to make sure you don’t hear from a small group of people. I’m going to keep talking to my old friends whoever they are.”

On the news that the State Department will release her emails in January 2016, Clinton said, “No, I have said repeatedly  I want emails out. Nobody has bigger interest in getting them released than I do. I respect the State Department. They have their process they do for everybody, not just for me. Anything they might do to expedite that process that  I whole heartily support. I want the American people to learn as much as we can about the work I did with our diplomats and development experts because I think it will show how hard we worked and what we did for our country during the time I was secretary of state. I worked extremely hard on behalf of our values and interests and security, and the e-mails are part of that. I have said publicly, I’m repeating here in front of all of you today. I want them out as soon as they can get out.”

She added, “They’re not mine. They belong to the State Department. The State Department has to go through the process. As much as they can expedite the process, that’s what I’m asking. Please move as quickly as they possibly can to get them out. Thank you. thank you all very much.”

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