Gutierrez: ‘I Remember’ Last Year When Hillary Had Different Immigration Position

Representative Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) expressed his pleasure with Hillary Clinton changing her immigration position from last year in an interview with the Huffington Post released on Wednesday.

Gutierrez said, “Look, everybody’s evolving. I remember when Hillary, when the children first came to the border, and Hillary said, ‘Oh, they can’t just show up. They have to be sent back home.’ She’s not there anymore. You remember when Hillary, what was it, in 2008? Yeah, it was 2008, and they asked Hillary a question about driver’s licenses for the undocumented? And She was paralyzed. ‘Oh my God. I don’t know. I don’t think so?'”

Earlier, he praised Jeb Bush for his position on DACA and DAPA, stating that he essentially has the same position as President Obama.

(h/t DemocratFlashback)

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