Perry: We Won’t Accuse All Dems of Being Untrustworthy Like Hillary

On Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo,” Republican presidential candidate and former Texas governor Rick Perry pushed back on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton accusing  the entire Republican presidential field of being on a “spectrum of hostility,”  towards immigrants like Donald Trump.

When asked about Donald Trump’s comments taking down the entire party Perry said, “Well, I see the Democrats making that as an issue and them trying to paint everybody with a very broado brush. You know. I think we won’t paint all Democrats as being untrustworthy, if that’s going to be the tactic here as Hillary Clinton is trying to paint all Republicans with Mr. Trump’s response. We need to bring this country together and this president for six and a half years has divided us by gender, by economics, by race. And these highly disrespectful terms that get used we need to reel those back. we’re better than that.”

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