Gutfeld: ‘The Right Would Storm the White House’ If Obama Mocked McCain’s Service

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld reacted to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s remarks about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) by criticizing his “repeat defenders” for forgiving things that they wouldn’t tolerate from other politicians on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld said, that Trump “knew he crossed a line” and issued a “correction” by repeating “hero” multiple times afterwards. And “Donald’s not to blame for being Donald. The fault lies with those who yield to his rules: That either you’re a groupie or a traitor. But, in reality, critics be both. … His repeat defenders always paint Trump’s gaffes as blunt honesty, which turns them into Bill Maher’s audience, pliant, they let stuff slide.”

He then stated, “If Obama had mocked McCain’s service, the right would storm the White House. When you perceive criticism as disloyalty you turn fans into minions. But criticism is your guardrail. Embrace it and you avoid these petty feuds and these nasty gaffes.”

Gutfeld continued that Trump “may have slayed the self-serving denigrations found amongst Republicans once and for all. Those who normally call you an unreliable conservative are embracing the same one in Trump. The guy helped Democrats and he gave to the Clintons. When you see righties defending jokes about POWs, it says this game of ‘I’m more conservative than you’ is about ego and not issues.”

He concluded, “In the end, the ideal leader speaks for you, not the reverse. Trump’s your id, but he’s not your conscience. And so, we embraced him, exposing TV’s true purpose, which is ratings. An election is in 16 months, but ratings come out for us every single day, and Trump delivers.”

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