NM Gov Susana Martinez: EPA Not Communicating, Won’t Name Toxins They Spilled

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Gov. Susana Martinez (R-NM) revealed the lack of communication she is getting from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) which caused a massive spill at the Gold King Mine near Durango, CO that dumped millions of gallons of toxins into the Animas River and is now putting at risk cities in New Mexico as the spill flow travels from the Animas into the San Juan River.

Martinez said, “It is very dangerous. We are not aware of all of the toxins in the river. The EPA hasn’t been communicating and has not been forthcoming with the state of New Mexico as to the different types of toxins. We asked all cattle, the ranchers, anyone that has any kind of livestock to keep the animals away, for people not to be in the river, do not drink the water or boil it thinking that will cause the water to be potable. The dangers in the short term and long term are unknown because the EPA is not communicating openly with the state.”

She continued, “Initially we were not even told that the toxic spill had ended up in the river … we have not been told what toxins are in the river.”

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